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  1. Both options are perfectly reasonable from my point of view, but voted for #1. If that's how it's going to go, postponing the disc manufacturing phase for several months might be worth considering. See what kind of feedback you get upon release, and if the game looks like it still needs a lot of patching, wait until you have a relatively bug-free version, and then print *that* on discs (instead of the still somewhat buggy day 1 version). That's what InXile did with Wasteland 2 DRM-free discs: they have put six patches out in six months, and those who requested the DRM-free discs will get a
  2. Episodic content may work in some genres, but I really can't see how it would be good in role-playing games. Sure, the financial benefits are obvious, sales of the previous episode help fund the next one, but the content will suffer. In my opinion, a story should be told, from start to finish, in one game. Sequels are fine, but I really dislike small portions of additional content. Even expansions make me wary. I really hope Obsidian will be able to finance full games, instead of small slices of games.
  3. Does he appear in Hamlet too? He's the main antagonist in Othello. A real ****. I liked the evil and paranoid incarnations in Planescape Torment. Very non-traditional "enemies", but the way you found out about their evil deeds as the story developed was great.
  4. Quote from Kickstarter update 33: "physical items offered on the Kickstarter will not be available past December 3rd". I thought it meant that boxed copies won't be available for purchase after that date, but I guess it could be interpreted to refer only to the other physical goods, like T-shirts, playing cards etc. Of course I hope the game will sell so well that manufacturing (more) physical copies of the game becomes financially and logistically viable.
  5. When Adam was answering questions in the Kickstarter comments section perhaps a couple of weeks ago, he confirmed that PE will not have quest arrows. The exact quote is hard to find among the tens of thousands of comments, but it can be found via google: http://www.google.com/search?q=%22quest+arrows%22+site%3Akickstarter.com+inurl%3Aobsidian+inurl%3Acomments "We want to make the game feel old-school, so we won't be including quest arrows that point you exactly in the direction to go next." I was very happy that this was confirmed. Quest journal is much better and suitable way to r
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