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  1. Hello, Should I download the GOG version to apply the add-on to my DVD version of the game, or will a separate DRM-free link be provided for physical backers? Many thanks, Bobz.
  2. Thanks Katarack21 and Gorbag. So all of the goodies for disc and digital version! Thats great. Are the kickstarter backer rewards tied exclusively to either of those?
  3. Hi there, Thanks for that confirmation, I was wondering about the same thing. Will both disc and digital versions be the Royal Edition?
  4. Hi all, I chose #1 because I am looking forward to this game so much, and as already said, I would really like to have all of the goodies as early as possible Having said that, I hope the digital pre-load begins as early as possible. Half-decent broadband was made available in my area only a few months ago. You might be surprised how many people are stuck with really terrible connections. In Ireland for example, some areas have a 0.2mbps download speed. Its so slow that you often cannot establish a connection to a website. Thanks for reading! Best regards, Bobby.
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