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  1. Sedrefilos, Eivenne and Rolandur: thanks for taking time to reply. As am following the PoE2 news/threads with renewed interest, also agree that 12 months should be long enough to get back into the game and complete that da**ed remaining 20%!!
  2. Apologies if this is not quite right thread to post but a follow-up about importing save games. Any official comment about whether incomplete save games can be in any way imported into PoE2? [About 85% of the way through the main game, got stuck into the DLC then RL/work/study etc.... made 2-3 hr gaming sessions impossible. And given the amount of time away, when I tried to return, found my cRPG muscle memory just not there anymore!] I suspect the answer will be no official comment but don't hold out much hope. Anyway, perhaps the new game will act as a spur to get back into the Dyrwood. [Certainly prodded me to make my first post in over a year!]
  3. Happy to support the community's attempt to get some attention focused towards fixing a useful (albeit not essential) tool that was strangely disabled with the most recent patch - expansion. Fingers crossed.......
  4. Very much #1. The attraction of physical goods is really much more the manuals, maps, stickers, lore books, mousemats etc... While there's something to be said about the DVD jewel box art, the difference these days between installing on disc vs. download these days is almost gone (at least for those of us with high speed broadband). Hell, why not ship the DVD case as well? That way, OBS would have have to ship the discs in plastic or paper sleeves + padding, surely a saving when it comes to delivery costs.
  5. Had the same issue as OP (and with the same party combination). Glad to read that there are some workarounds, even with bears in the party. Had assumed it was because bears (like classic Who Daleks) just don't like stairs
  6. Looking forward to trying the beta again, unfortunately my last two attempts at playthroughs were too bug ridden. May the patch stomp, stomp, stomp !
  7. When transitioning from interior to exterior areas, instead of loading up the exterior, I encounter a black screen. Music plays, the menu UI can be loaded even after wating >2 minutes, no exterior loads. I am unclear whether this has already been reported (possibly not). In detail: When transition from any of the interior areas of Dryford village to the main exterior, I encounter the above error. This occured on both my playthroughs, which were rather short and curtailed due to the seperate disappearing items when area transitioning bug. On the second playthrough, when attempting to explore the bug, it appeared that the fault lay with the placement of the in-game camera; which had moved to a blacked out area rather than centre on the party. I am unclear whether this was the case with the first playthrough as I had erased the files. Thank you devs for considering the above.
  8. +1 to this error and hope to see the fix in action (noting that it has been ~10 days since the dev post).
  9. Yes to this issue, which affected both playthroughs. My experience: both times the disappearing items were weapons (not shields) placed in the quick slot (either 1 or 2 affected but not both) and not for all characters. 1st time occured during area transition from level 2 to ground floor of inn. Funnily enough I saw the weapons lying on inn floor (but un touchable/collectable). 2nd time occurred during area transition from village to the left hand of the external areas. Did not see weapons lying around but perhaps more difficult to see given the terrain. Side note; such a big problem that the error effectively terminated both my playthroughs of the beta and both times after playing for less than 2 hrs per time. Interesting to read that others have had this occur over much longer playthroughs.
  10. Read the article and as LC states, answers many questions. Well worth 5 minutes of a concerned backer's time.
  11. Adding my post as someone also waiting for a reply from customer service (discrepency b/w listed rewards led to over pledging), though understand that there are a multitude of delays for all reasons listed by the above posters. Also good to see via this thread an official acknowledgement of the delay.
  12. K, oh K where have you gone? Not in my signature I think?
  13. A while since I posted but the launch of the backer's portal has got me back into PoE. Like some of the posters here, when confirming my pledge I didn't notice the discrepancy b/w the KS reward list for my selected tier ($250 physical) and the portal's list of rewards. Accidentally re-ordered the expansion back, which was already awarded for my tier and paid via Paypal. Have responded via the portal's messaging system to OBS to see if they can rectify the issue. Hopefully they can do so.
  14. Finally going to get awarded a degree for that damned thesis!

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