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  1. I'm in germany and no i don't think you need an account with paradox.
  2. Just got the email from paradox that my swag is on its way. So i guess we Europeans are now in luck too.
  3. Regular Versions should be shipped with the CDs in them as it would not make sense otherwise they said somewhere. But this delay and even more the non information once again for us Europeans is a bit sad.
  4. I think that we might have passed the time you could call "early" this week, so is there any info on shipping for us Euros?
  5. Lucky Australians, you get it before they even start shipping to us Europeans here. Well, according to their update they should be arriving in Europe soon.. Yeah and then in 2 to 17 months they might start shipping them too ...
  6. Lucky Australians, you get it before they even start shipping to us Europeans here.
  7. I wish we could get an official statement on when to expect our good too.
  8. Well at least your copy is on its way. You had your shipping included in the price of the box, in Europe here i had to pay 30$ on top of that and in return my box is not even on its way yet. I can live with it being late in Europe (its doable to not be late though), but when it is communicated that i get the things on release day i do expect them here around that time as well. When i am then being asked in a poll if i would like the box on release day without the disc in it or later with the disc the thing totally changes. I mean come on ... YOU asked us if we wanted the stuff incomplete and on release day ??? And now i might get it a month or two late and still incomplete ? Seriously ??
  9. Yeah, just when playing it would be lovely to have the books to look into. Or even before playing to read up about rules and plan your character. The pdf is never the same for me.
  10. Well i wish we would get an official response on this. Also not watching any unboxing vids, i want to explore my collectors edition on my own.
  11. Well, but they didn't even seem to start shipping to Europe yet, so we pay a lot more for a lot less service.
  12. Well if you ship it so late to Europe, why charge extra 30$ for shipping?
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