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  1. I went with #1. Let me fiddle with the stuff, get me the disc later. I'll play the Steam version anyhow and I prefer to have a "complete" version on the disc just for the sake of principles. Oh boy, oh boy oh boy, can't wait!
  2. I voted Yes. BUT, as stated above: It needs to be done well and you should be able to edit the finished character. I'm also the "do it your self" type of character creator, so I wouldn't be using this, but I know a lot of people who would prefer a "quick launch" option to get in to the game for the first time.
  3. Every now and again you'll see them commenting on a discussion. Read thru the different posts. The Devs are here.
  4. The problem isn't always repeatable. I'm referring to my earlier post. I created 3 new games. Each time just quitting to the main menu and creating a new game. It wasn't until the third try that my party had all the default items on them. So it's not restarting the client that helps, more like repetition.
  5. I concur. I have a huge need to sort my items just the way i like it. I'm all for inventory management. Also the search function would be cool.
  6. Question is if they have enough money for it. Hopefully they'll go the Wasteland 2 route and opt in to Steam open beta. Take the money from new sales and put it in towards an even better final product.
  7. I have to disagree here. First off, its a beta, you're not supposed to be happy with the way things are. You are supposed to find the negative things and help the devs make as good a game as possible. I for one read most of the different topics to see what people are talking about and if I can help replicate (if need be) the problem my self. We are supposed to be testing the game not "enjoying" it (all though I do enjoy playing the beta...). And as to the vote it self, I find that the ones who are passionate (for lack of a better term) about beta testing will vote on these. Whether or not they are happy about the subject. It is a completely other subject, whether a poll is the right way to go about such a large scale subject.
  8. This topic is in the wrong place. I would how ever like to add, that starting the game in windowed mode, with dual monitors, starts the game in the middle of your desktop (half in monitor 1 and half in monitor 2) and not in your main monitor. Also, I would kill for borderless Windowed mode. As stated I have two monitors (2x 24") and tend to multitask while playing (IRC and VLC playing on the other screen). ( ADHD much..? )
  9. Started 3 games. In the first Two: random members had missing weapons and BB mage was missin his Grimoire. The third generated party had all of the items in place. So now to play the game EDIT: Forgot to mention, in all three I started the game and checked the equipment. No loading no saving.
  10. Lets throw in my two cents and agree wholeheartedly with everyone on this post. I'm a manic saver "gonna do x", "Just entered x".. Although I practically never load any of 'em, BUT I NEED TO DO IT So +1 !
  11. I just have to jump in here and voice my agreement with Giubba et al. The descriptions should help both newbs and veterans alike to understand the mechanics of the game. Seeing as how many of the attribute names are very old school, but the impact of said attributes vary greatly from the "norm".
  12. I have to say, for me at least, you hit the nail on the head.
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