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  1. I just received my replacement map today and it's fantastic, much better than the original one I got. It feels different and nicer too, so I'm not sure if something went wrong with the actual material the first time. Anyway thanks for fixing that up
  2. what are your specs? I've got a pretty recent machine and load times are generally pretty fine, only the first time i load a save or continue the game is the longest and it's not really long enough that i would get annoyed or something. it's installed on a regular drive not a SSD though. the wonderful backgrounds/locations are one of the main drawcards of the game, I don't think it would be good to change that to 3D environments at all.
  3. "look at me I'm so l33t and hardcore and cool, let's bag this game out because it will show you how I'm so l33t and hardcore" It seems like a bit of a whine-fest... Look I'm enjoying the game and I probably wasn't the real 100% target demographic for it. I'm partway through act 2 so I don't know if I've met all companions and that yet. I'm not the type to really delve deep into systems and stuff, at least not straight away, and I'm not going to say everything is perfect and rosy but some of this just looks like being negative for negative's sake: "Compare that to the priest that
  4. It almost sounds like some of these complaints are because people are too used to other games, want this to be the same or still think it is, and aren't able to or don't want to change or adjust accordingly to the new system.
  5. So how did you do fights like the first level of the lighthouse in Ondra's Gift? Or any fight then? How do you 'tank and spank' when enemies come at you from different directions and don't attack the 'tank'? I'm really curious because I find quite a few fights challenging and satisfying when I eventually win. What are these people who complain the game is too easy etc doing differently, or just doing, that makes it so easy? What am I not doing that I should be?
  6. Hi, just posting that the same thing happened to me, playing the latest version. I'll check later if I have a save before hand (if you still need it)
  7. It won't solve any of the issues but I would recommend saving the game before you do any of that kind of stuff just in case
  8. Same here, most of the capes I've found are just cosmetic so far but I like seeing my party wearing them It's a little disappointing to have to remove them to equip an amulet or something which has stats/effects etc
  9. So are you saying you want it to be harder to find a quest related person, or that you wish the non-quest related people had more to offer, or both? Why would you want to make it harder somehow to find the person you are looking for? Having to click on everyone in a city or tavern or area or whatever would just make it stupidly annoying. I don't need a floating exclamation point but the way it is now is fine. Having more things for non-important NPC's to say would be nice, but that would probably just come down to budget and time.
  10. i'm guessing people are starting to get over their map rage now was there any kind of response from a dev or anyone about it?
  11. can we just have 1 "too easy" master thread where everyone who wants can whinge/gloat? it seems like there is one every week. im playing on normal and finding plenty of fights challenging. i must be just retarded then so please stop making me feel more inadequate than i already am.
  12. So what would be the point of hiring any hirelings then? Or rebuilding things that don't have a function beyond prestige/security and cosmetics? Well when I first got a notification that shadows and lurkers were going to attack, I tried to fight them and got trounced. I re-loaded a save, hired a bunch of guys and did 'auto resolve' and they won but a couple died. So I thought maybe this would make it easier to take care of attacks if my party can't do it. Then some other bandits tried to attack, I did auto resolve and they all died and now my main keep and something else has been destr
  13. the actual box is great! a tad bare and empty though... mouse pad feels really nice although a slightly larger one would have been fantastic. i'm using it now instead of my starcraft 2 one. t-shirt is 100% cotton which means at least i can wear it, plain black with logo on it. postcard is a postcard and patch is a patch. notepad looks nice with different characters on the pages. i think at the time i backed it i really struggled with deciding over the $140 tier or a digital one. i really like the concept of some of the collector's edition of games but i'm not sure now if it was really wort
  14. mine seems kind of similar to this persons: http://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/31slcq/got_my_ce_box_today_is_everyone_elses_cloth_map/
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