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  1. Yeah, I reverted back to older (but still fairly recent) drivers because 340 caused bad stuttering in other game.
  2. After restarting the game and loading save via Continue, I'm greeted by and odd UI glitch on character portraits that looks like just a bunch of wite boxes where buffs and debuffs should probably be, see the attachment. Info: BB v257 running in 1080p full-screen mode. Windows 7 GTX 780 with Nvidia 337.88 WHQL
  3. Same issue, using triple-screens and edge scrolling is pretty much unusable.
  4. Just to echo what everyone else has said, combat seems to be the weakest aspect right now. I have hard time figuring out what's going on and distinguishing the enemies and characters from each other, wondering if my wizard already finished casting the spell or figuring who's that dummy sitting there, face-tanking the spider. For example, button to display small pop-ups above characters to just show their name and hp/stamina would be incredibly helpful to get a good overview of the battle with a quick glance. Kinda like what the TAB does but also show the player character status and maybe with
  5. Go to keybindings and set hotkey for Grimoire, which will open the spellbook and let you assign spells. I'm guessing adding an interface button for it is still on the to-do list or they've just hidden it really well because I couldn't find it either. Edit: Looks like keybindings are not saved after exiting the game, but like Answermancer pointed out, it can be accessed from equipment screen.
  6. Confirmed, labels disappear when I click Game, Graphics or Sounds options but come back when opening Auto-pause or Control options. In-game set to English Win7 SP1 GTX 780 with Nvidia 337.88 WHQL drivers.
  7. Yep, happened to me as well loading new area and entering combat immediatelly (first group of beetles on the area to the east of town).
  8. Being out of the loop for a while and now seeing these updates, I'm really impressed with the rate of progress, rest of the year just became that much longer while waiting for the release =)
  9. Free-roaming world works better with first-person perspective where you can scout for interesting looking landmarks in far distance even if you end up having to create tons of filler content in-between locations. Overall, I think "hotspot" style map might be better option for this kind of game and the areas you create can be almost small worlds themselves with their own visual style and backstory. You also won't have to worry about monster placement as much because you can create late-game locations anywhere you want without having to figure out how to prevent players going in there too early
  10. Resistances and immunities are fine if they're used sensibly. -Don't make them too frequent so that you don't have to keep swapping weapons and party members all the time. -They should make sense in the story, whether it be due to creature's natural habitat or well-known natural ability that player has been made aware of. -They shouldn't completely stop player's progression if he has not had the foresight to avoid selling specific weapons 20 hours ago. For example, player could be given an opportunity to acquire weapons that would work, even if they may not be amazing quality. Let's say a v
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