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  1. Does the translation team (Qloc AFAIK) even work on polishing translation? Does devs provide them info about new lines that were added by consecutive patches? It would be a shame if translation team stop workong on it, cause otherwise they did a really nice job.
  2. Got confirmation from Paradox, destination Poland. Hope to get the package next week
  3. I think devs came out of this tricky situation choosing lesser evil. They could ignore these rants and put themselves for a hatred of some group of players. They could instead make a mandatory change, because it's their game (financed by backers, but still), but first thing they did is to ASK a guy who wrote the limerick if he's OK with changing it. I'm pretty sure that if he didn't consent to it, they would respect his decision and won't touch it. The only thing I do not like is the part of lack of vetting the content. I'm rather sure that devs also think the guy/girl overreacted out there
  4. Anyone with problem of crashing while started new game tried out if the patch fixes this? I don't want to waste my time if I still could not run the game. I'll be much obliged for some feedback on this.
  5. Pop sorry, but that didn't work for me too. I simply don't have this font on my hdd atm. I may have deleted it using the method Ainamacar described, but can't confirm cause didn't see it either before or after I've done it. Nevertheless the game still crashes, so wither it's different font causing this or something else.
  6. Add the fact of not being to play the beta at all to that list...sorry guys but I'm with Marceror with this. Probably the fact that I'm not able to run the bloody thing is a crucial factor...and don't tell me again that's my laptop fault, or that I should re-install everything because of some stupid Unity stuff. That's not the way it supposed to be. My concerns is that devs will concentrate their efforts on fixing the stuff in game and ignore the fact that some people cannot run the game at all...maybe some feedback from them will put some hope into my heart. Yeah, I'm FULLY aware I ca
  7. Any news from devs to pin-pointing this crash issue?
  8. DxDiag.txt I had a look at your error logs, it still looks like it as a lack of memory. How much do you have? Posting a dxdiag in your bug thread might help. Vril I have 4GB RAM on my laptop. Anyway, here's my dxdiag.
  9. They should concentrate their efforts on fixing the crashes while starting New Game. Maybe I'll be able to finally play this beta, then.
  10. Exactly the same kind of crash I was experiencing.
  11. Not been able to start the game...THIS is heartbreaking...
  12. If you're just telling me now, that I will not be able to play PoE, Wasteland 2 (copy included while backing PoE) and further Tides of Numenera I will be seriously, I mean seriously pissed off. I just need to wait and seen how it goes, now I have all dark thoughts and need too cool down.
  13. @Pop will it help if I install the beta on external drive, not internal laptop's HDD? Cause I'm not going to re-install Windows and everything else just to play this beta, sorry. Besides I don't think we should "figure out ourselves" why the game is not running, do we? I don't want to find myself in a situation that I will be not able to play the game while released because my drivers don't get along with Unity. I expect it to be fixed by devs, obviously. Sorry for the harsh tone, but I quite don't appreciate to be forced to tinker with my Windows install to fire up the game, really. I
  14. @Xelief archive whole folder and attach it on the forum. I had crashes on startup that effectively prevent me from trying out this beta.
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