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  1. Personally, for my part at least, I have a second option for you: I don't honestly care if I get a game disc at all, even though I am a physical backer. I wanted all the extras in the Collectors Edition, but whether or not I have a physical game disc makes me no nevermind since I'm going to have at least one copy on Steam. As long as I get a total of two digital codes for purchasing a CE (my wife wanted to play too!), I'm totally cool with not receiving a game disc at all and saving you guys a little extra money. Perhaps a backer poll to see who else might agree with me? If its a st
  2. Really, what I'm getting out of this thread is simply the old adage; you can't make all the people happy all the time. There are characters listed here that I deeply loved having in my parties that other people loathe with every fiber of their being. Ok, fair enough. Everyone is different. So really, what it ultimately seems we're going to need is: - No 'required' characters. Don't force an NPC into my party for any reason (other than say, personal-story quests where they'd obviously be required, and which are also optional); especially not an NPC you can never get rid of no matter
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