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Backer Beta going live at 3:00 PM PDT


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Hey there guys, see how much better things are with communica... oh screw it!  :p




Thanks for the update Brandon, and appreciate all of the hard work from OE to get to this point!

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"Now to find a home for my other staff."
My Project Eternity Interview with Adam Brennecke

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please fortify your servers in the remaining time.

We are sending Darren home for the day so he can be completely uninterrupted in case we have any server issues. We are spinning up larger servers for everything, though. Hopefully it will handle the load.

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So, decisions decisions. Should I wait until tomorrow, or start testing after midnight (as it will be in my country), and probably get too little sleep?

Given that 3pm is a rough estimate (and a delay in itself already) don't hold your breath. Get a good nights sleep and enjoy it properly tomorrow is what I say. :p

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