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  1. The cap is "hard" at 12th level. Source: I hit the cap with 1/5th of the game left (I am a completionist myself). I also hate hitting a hard cap. All the xp awards seems kinda pointless after you can't get any more xp. I don't know if there are any "fixes" to this yet, but I am sure someone must be working on it.
  2. So, decisions decisions. Should I wait until tomorrow, or start testing after midnight (as it will be in my country), and probably get too little sleep?
  3. Get a job in IT. I know the IT guys get a way higher salary than any other normal jobs in Belarus, although I guess it's not easy to get an IT job there because so many want one. ( I have this info from 3 colleagues I had that is from Belarus)
  4. Persistent, or at least persistent until map reload would be good. Of course, decomposing would be neat, and I like the idea, but it's not important enough to use resources that could go to other "stuff".
  5. I don't think it's crazy difficult, but it seems to give IE players more trouble than any of the other (unmodded) IE games. Not sure if I agree that IWD2 is harder than BG1/2. I couldn't win it playing only 1 or 2 characters, like I can with BG, but I guess that has much to do with the XP-system in 3.0-3.5. Full party IWD2 vs Full party BG2, I feel BG2 is harder. Am I alone in this?
  6. Can't say I agree that TOB was crazy difficult. Yes the enemies was crazy powerful, but so was your characters. I understand that the last battle is pretty hard, if you have the "wrong" party configuration, but the rest was challenging at times (except when doing the "right choices"), not crazy.
  7. I am sure I am beating on a dead horse here (Have been a long time away from the forums), but I just can't get over that the same stat that affects damage, also affects healing... Josh, can't you comment on this to make sure we haven't misqouted you or something?
  8. Shadowrun Returns uses a checkpoint save system if you haven't tried it yet. Because of limitations in time. Aftetr the expansion that is due sometime in the future, you can save anywhere and anytime.
  9. In my first dozen playthroughs of BG2 I hated Anomen and never in the rest of those playthroughs recruited him again after an unfortunate situation where he did something very stupid (don't want to spoil the Anomen story). But I tried again later, and made him not do stupid stuff, and after that, he has been my Cleric of choice if my PC is not a Cleric. Anomen turns out to be bereable after a while after all.
  10. Though I agree with your points, they could use the D20 system if they wanted, its open, although the XP system is not (for some reason; thats why Pathfinder has it's own XP-table). I don't really want them to use D20 even, just wanted to point it out, being nitpicky as I am. EDIT: I guess other people have already mention stuff like this, I just didn't read the whole thread. Sorry about that.
  11. I think that PE should go so far as making the game illegal to sell in Australia and Germany and other places with silly laws. No go fiurther, make it illegal in neo-moralistic scandinavia, that once embraced free speech and freedom of expression, but now wants to make illegal anything "bad". I am not being sarcastic btw, I wan't real evil that will shock and horrify people. Then again, I will play the good path (I am a carebear in games as well as real life), so might be I will never see the evil path anyway.
  12. In BG 2 or Planescape Torment; I never felt that any encounter was out of place or tedious. There was some of it in BG1, where random encounters was pretty boring and seemed very random, but in the other infinity engine games, there was little of that. Even where bandits attacked you in BG 2, you usually got a dialogue, and you understood what the bandits were after, sometimes they were even a part of driving the main story forward. If Project Eternity are going the route of the Infinity Engine games, the random encounters will not feel as random, at least not to me. Now the worst offenders of
  13. That intro always gives me shivers down my spine. Strange that the first comment was not a comment on the similarities between the OP's vision and Planscape: Torment. That said, no, I would not like that intro for Project Eternity.
  14. Great job. It looks just like I feel it should. April 2014 can't come quick enough.
  15. He's not asking that all spells be removed, hes asking that the game be completable without them, which it probably will be anyway. You shouldn't treat every religious person as if they are identical zombies - far from it - and while there are certainly obnoxious people out there, there are plenty of reasonable people out there who are religious and willing to let others get on with their lives. It's just that the idiots who cry witchhunt if they see someone reading Harry Potter on the bus are just a lot more vocal than everyone else. The only way that you can stop this being an issue is
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