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  1. [Description of the issue] When going to the setting page for checking and changing the controls, some names (in French) are too long and go onto the textbox where the controls are displayed. [DETAILED list of steps to reproduce the issue AND what to look for] Example: 1) Launch the game 2) On the main menu, go in Options 3) Then select the controls setting 4) Scroll-down to check if any title are too long 5) On the Fr translation: "Mettre des caractéristiques en surbrillance" is way too long. "Activer des caractéristiques" is right at the edge. [Expected behaviour] All th
  2. I haven't played a lot yet. Just creating a character and discovering a lil' bit the city. But I'd like to highlight those negatives part as they are pretty easy to catch at a first try (at least from my experience). I felt the same about all these negatives. I'm gonna check the bug trackers but I saw some weird stuff in the option section (first thing I've done before even start the character's creation). The overall experience is still great. It feels good to be back on a familiar IE-like game and to see also few things that show we're not in the past but living also with our tim
  3. I have also played the beta for a few hours and I most definitely disagree with that last part, and some of the first part. I was exploring. I found a dungeon. I entered it. I came to a room FULL of Shades. It took every single tactical bone in my body to come out victorious. I literally felt fatigued when it was over. And what did I get for it? Nada. It's like the fight didn't count. It's like the game didn't intend for me to kill them. It's like the game laughed at me and said: lol Sucker! here, have a fist full of NOTHING for all your hard work hahahahahaha. Side note about loot drops
  4. Time for a good sleep then! Steaming for tomorrow. Can't wait to see this live!
  5. To have some names lore depending on the culture sounds interesting. What I like to do when looking for a name is to take a common name like in Glen Cook's books (Silence, Madam, etc.) or Neil Gaiman (Wednesday, Shadow, Lady Door, etc.). That's how I came up with my actual name here: Semelle. A french word meaning "sole" like a shoe's sole. Sounds weird at first but could become a true and evocative name (don't we have some girls called Patience or Marguerite in real life?). I'm curious to know how far we can go with such names and still be fitting the PoE's lore names.
  6. Yeah, he seemed to be focusing on the rock beetles, in those battles. He also seemed to forget some of the characters, at times. Was it the rogue that was left idling most of the time? The rock beetles are burly, but that wood beetle poison will kill a character pretty quickly. If a few of your party members get poisoned it can be tough to recover. We may end up toning it down depending on feedback from the beta. In IE games, poison was one status effect that, if you weren't hauling around antidotes or cure poison scrolls, could easily wipe out your party. I specifically remember
  7. Super stocked to discover this news and I could help myself but bank the project even more! Happy to be part of this incredible journey. And as many, this news just made my day (and killed my budget, but who cares?!).
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