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  1. They already said that the non-windows beta will come out within a few weeks of the windows one. They probably had to squash some cross-platform bad things that came up (not to mention "posix style directory structure", assuming they're trying to make it "native", like Bioware did with NWN1).
  2. Wouldn't the dropped loot from the bodies be the reward? Unfortunately not - it's not even close, I'm afraid. See the appropriate thread where the discussion is alive and kicking right now. I've been a part of that discussion; I do not think Prince87x has AND since the Beta is now live I was hoping testers could comment on the game directly with regards to whether the loot seems adequate. ATM, because a good number of items are still using placeholder icons, it's hard to tell. I think so though (I got "Fine" armours off some of the people I got to kill in town... so... that seems pretty good by me)
  3. Instead of the full format and reinstall, do these two things (in no particular order): 1. TURN OFF any AV programs, uninstall (as completely as possible) and reinstall PoE. Then, run in Admin mode 2. Uninstall (as completely as possible, wiping all presets, etc.) your graphics drivers, and re-install the newest (or the second-newest ones, in case newest are buggy).
  4. Gird their loins. Spring-loaded codpieces for everyone!
  5. Yeah, Brandon could have had a save ready to load with decent gear, but ... it's kind of a 6 one way / half dozen the other conundrum. On one hand - they could have had a great party (or devhax) and done well and showed off a lot ... On the other - they just want to get us drooling for the backer beta today ...
  6. The cheapest you could get beta access on Kickstarter was 110 dollars. whoops ... in either case, that doesn't make my point any less valid. This is untrue -- they added the ability to buy addons alone (that is, without a separate tier purchase)a few days ago. However, I was able to add-on an expansion pack download to my tier a long time ago; though I can't recall if that was available from "day 1" of the backer portal, or if that came out a few weeks later (and I needed to talk to customer support to get my purchase reset). Don't really know where you're going with this paragraph -- I think it's awesome that OE gave people the ability to purchase addons they wanted (but couldn't necessarily afford due to KS tiering -- although there's disparity between the KS tiering and the current backer-portal tiering, so my prices were wrong in my OP -- turns out t-shirt + game + beta is unlocked at $110 if you were a KS backer (well, after they updated the rewards, I think -- the picture on the KS page doesn't show a t-shirt at $110), but it's $140 on the Backer Portal).
  7. hmm, should i use the normal whip, or the +1 with d6 cold damage? (also, "I get out my robe and wizard hat...")
  8. You can also buy it for $25 as an extra option with anything else. ^ this, or just pay $25 outright to get it, as they fixed the portal such that you can choose to just buy add-ons (beta key, expansion pack key, t-shirts, mouse pad, etc.)
  9. Prove it. I'll need large scales, you, and a duck. ... oh wait, no, that'll only prove whether or not you're a witch ...
  10. This. The run-through (both days) seemed to be more "get to the action nao" than "get the party into a useful position" (i.e. stop at a merchant, get better gear, etc.).
  11. HotU was bad, but that's because they added in a system over a vanilla game that didn't have any crafting whatsoever. Also, as I recall HotU, it started pretty high-level, and went nearly epic level (if not epic level).
  12. I got the beta "For free" (actually, anyone pledging $100 or more got it "for free", as it was just another bonus item for pledging). Yes, OE could have put the "Backer Beta" on all the KS tiers of $25 or more (which was, IIRC, the lowest tier with "digital copy of the game" as a reward), but they chose to reserve it for the $100+ tiers. After the KS plan ended, they put it in as a $25 additional buy-in so that they could get more people in who wanted it, but maybe couldn't afford it at the $100 KS tier (e.g. KS game tier + Backer Portal addon = $50). Or, perhaps they're picking and choosing what they want (game + beta + t-shirt) and it ends up cheaper overall than a tier that includes all the things (cheapest I see is $140 for that all in a single bundle).
  13. And how much would this end up costing someone who wasn't a backer on or before 22 August? Remember -- the current backer portal is giving "discounted" prices for a digital download copy, and it's a $25 addon to get a beta key. You'd have to set the price pretty high to avoid people picking it up and expecting a completed game that just happens to be labelled "BETA". Well, I was thinking more along the lines of current backers getting upset -- I mean it's $55 or something to get the game + Beta key as it stands right now ... and if the "Early Access" key was cheaper than that (or hell, even that cheap), well, I think people would riot since OE has stated the "discounted" prices stop on the 22nd. EDIT --> and that's not even considering the fact that the "Backer Beta" and "Full Game" keys are not the same (i.e. BB is forced on steam, because "easy updates", but it will apparently get wiped, and a new round of keys sent out for the Release version so you can choose GoG or Steam for it).
  14. no, because the party would all be dead. Problem with this is, in very general terms, this doesn't matter if there is "Kill XP" involved, since "Kill all the things" is the best route. Even if you get less "quest XP" because you killed the guards, assuming the guards are of proper level for the party such that you can get XP for them (i.e. they're not L1 mooks when you're L10), then you're likely to still end up with more XP than finishing the quest with no killing. For example, if you have a party of 6 (10th lvl), and the quest gives 3K XP, each character gets 500. The museum has - 2 guards (5th lvl) at the front door (1k XP total) - 4 patrolling guards (5th lvl) in various places. You'd have to hunt them down (~560 XP per) Killing them all nets you (about) 3250 XP, or about 540 XP per character. Even with getting zero XP for the quest, you've made more XP by killing all the things. Now, obviously, you can use 3rd level guards, and knock the XP award for killing the guards down by about half, but even there, it's only a detriment if you're losing all the quest XP (which is bogus, since you completed the quest). (Edit -- note that I'm pulling numbers off the D&D XP awards table, because I have it in front of me.)
  15. You might wanna check your sources mate. Far as I understand it, the only "Early Access" is through the Backer Beta (which is only available til the 22nd or so). They could go WL2 route and have backer beta before and after that early access beta with prepurchase on steam. And how much would this end up costing someone who wasn't a backer on or before 22 August? Remember -- the current backer portal is giving "discounted" prices for a digital download copy, and it's a $25 addon to get a beta key.
  16. So is it bad that soon as I saw Imoen and Minsc's portraits, I immediately heard "Heya, it's me, Imoen!" and "Go for the eyes Boo! Go for the eyes!" ?
  17. Thing is, while we know it was on "Easy" (because we saw that bit), we don't know if the other options (e.g. "Die when health reaches zero") are persistent, or were otherwise turned on/off to ensure that the demo ended relatively quickly. I mean, seeing them fly through the level-ups, and not even bothering to re-equip Sassy(2) with "proper" gear for his level kinda gave me the impression that they weren't actually trying to get far enough to show off too much. Edit --> Obviously, some of it was "for time", but still ... if you wanted to actually "get somewhere", they could have had a save ready to go, so the presentation would've been: 1. Fly through "New Game", show off the tavern/leveling/etc, die horribly. 2. Load pre-set savegame in the woods, murder the beetles, and finish the quest.
  18. The combat mechanics are already RTwP, so I would imagine that there are options available in the menus such as "pause at the end of the round" that were available in BG / IWD.
  19. ^ This. To add a little detail -- the "Backer Portal" will be available until August 22nd (both the backer tiers like "game for $30", and the addons such as the beta access, t-shirt, mousepad, etc.*) *NOTE -- addons I noted may or may not be there, as they might've just been backer-tier rewards.
  20. Actually this thread made me really sad yesterday. People posting pics of their old dice inspired me to maybe dig my old dice out and see how some of them had held up. Bear in mind I literally owned like 200 dollars of dice. Dozens of sets, tons from old random 2nd edition dice packs, all sorts of stuff. I even have like 4 sets of Dragon Dice from that very fun but very short lived game. The story is sad because.... I could not find my dice bag. Sounds like you should've spent those ranks in search, doesn't it
  21. Which would require balance checks, lest you fall over the cliff to your doom, or onto the tiles themselves. Assuming a "typical" railing, it'll be 6" wide at the most ... so, (D&D) DC is 15 (assuming no other obstructions, e.g. slippery, or loose stones, etc.). L1 character who didn't take any ranks will have a "fun" time making that (even a DEX=18 character still has a 50% fail chance). What does D&D have to do with any of this? Just look at the trap, those railings are wider than the player characters' hips. Bypassing that trap would be trivially easy in real life. D&D has nothing directly to do with it ... but we're (pretty much) all familiar with the mechanics, so makes sense to use those rules as "Typical RPG Rules" when we're talking about stuff that a player could (or should) do. Anyway, I was mis-remembering the actual layout (I remembered it as "Trap tiles, with a small ledge/railing around the outside, and then abyss". Re-watching the video shows that I was only remembering the small/unbroken border blocks, and forgetting about the larger half-walls.)
  22. Stop talking about your metal D20 before you make me go buy a set of those dwarf dice!!! I've got one of the "red granite" (for lack of a better description) ones ... they're really nice. Expensive though ... so the majority of my dice are just from those "here, have a pound of dice" bags.
  23. And this is something I really look forward to - lots of new twists on nostalgic monsters, beasts and apparitions! Should be good times -- I do hope though that they keep some of the tropes we're accustomed to (e.g. trolls need a "special" finishing blow to actually kill them) lol, I didn't even notice his name at first!
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