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  1. Agree with pretty much all the suggestions. My personal main request that's unlikely to be fulfilled is to get the monk wounds mechanic implemented as described during development. It's ineffective and boring right now and the original design was beautiful.
  2. I wasn't going off anything on the wiki, rather the lengthy developer update expressly describing how monks were going to work in detail. The class description there was one of the larger reasons I even backed the project as it sounded unique and fun. So far none of it has come to fruition other than there's a class called monk listed in the game and he does easily get beat-up. The problem is the wound system as it is now is bland and generic while still obtuse to new players not knowing how much damage it takes to create one or what lesser wounds even does without researching the subjec
  3. Well it is a good idea, but it's not mine either, it's how they originally described the class. From http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/63765-update-52-monk/page-6?do=findComment&comment=1329940 Unfortunately, this concept has just evaporated leaving a bland, powerless class that has no unique role left in its place.
  4. They need to be as they were described in the developer updates and have wounds provide mitigation. Then deciding whether to accrue more wounds that bleed out the damage they originally avoided to use certain talents more effectively or spend them to avoid taking the damage at all. Cipher anti-focus is not the wounds system I bought into.
  5. The problem being that wounds encourages you to take damage without providing any mitigation like planned. So you end up with monks in plate that don't accrue wounds fast enough and have pitiful attack speed or unarmored monks that can attack really fast but won't because in a few hits or one really good one they're down and out.
  6. There are very few powerful spells and if they nerf those few there will be less flexibility? How? How about abusively powerful spells get nerfed and the spells you skipped over to cheese with them get made stronger?
  7. really? well ok than i am wrong in that point. i didn't know that. but what else would a tactics option be, other than a "play the game for me" option? Exactly what they were in BG. Basic AI scripts that governed simple behaviors. Argue whether they're needed or not, I don't much care any longer, but damn is it not annoying to keep being told any sort of AI is going to be for the purpose of removing all control from the player.
  8. Right-click and turning the formation was in BG. It also has nothing to do with party AI. It's really insulting to keep creating strawmen about 'doing everything for you', but about the level of discourse I've come to expect around here.
  9. I'm glad that's what helped your own personal enjoyment. Personally I used the tactics in a smart manner and prospered. Keep in mind the implementation of a tactics system or better party AI isn't even critical in my mind. However, the level of abuse being hurled over it is childish.
  10. Can we get some dev response on whether this mechanic is going to be tweaked or overhauled in the near future? During development it was described as providing a damage threshold sending overflow damage into the creation of wounds which would then cause damage over time based on what was avoided initially. You would then spend the wounds to permanently avoid the damage taken or wait until you had built up enough wounds to spend them on something powerful or to use with a passive talent to increase damage output. As it stands right now, there is no protection to be observed from wounds
  11. The only trolls in this thread are those comparing wanting party AI with desiring an 'I Win' godmode button and those lambasting someone for having a different opinion than them. BG1 had basic party member tactics that could be set. It's embarrassing seeing people act as if this is some newbie casual request from people that have never played a similar game. If you don't agree, say so and move along. Stop harassing the guy.
  12. Hunting and war bows read as identical in-game so it'd be nice to have more accurate firing speed values listed to compare them without having to break it down into frame videos ourselves. It also doesn't really make much sense if they actually have the same interrupt values.
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