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Is Fergie still gonna close the forums?


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wasn't the last time he mentioned it like over a year ago?

The area between the balls and the butt is a hotbed of terrorist activity.


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three questions:


1. Why was he going to close the forums?

2. The OE forums?!?!

3. If he did close them, where would we have all migrated?

1. Fatness. Wife relations. Wife related fatness.

2. Yup, these ones.

3. Mexico.


I like it here in Hungary, don't wanna go to Mexico :D


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Every night I'm having trouble sleeping because I'm worried the forum won't be here when I wake up  :'(


I have trouble sleeping because Hades is crazy. You never know who's closet he might end up in by accident. :ermm:

You just need to have a werewolf in your house to solve this problem. :lol:


I have a little brother whose insanity rivals both Volourn and Hades combined. Would that work? :p

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