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  1. Don't be so proud that you got into the papers before me man.
  2. I'm overweright because I eat a lot AND don't exercise.
  3. Llyranor-san wa ee desu! But crap, we haven't said anything relevent yet, it's like this whole page is just a big shrine to Hades now.
  4. You got more than me anyway, they know who the ringleader is. I'm just your pawn, get ready to go down to chinatown! Konichiwa!
  5. Fio is just going to get us confused again and make ME a mod. Then I'LL ban YOU!
  6. Yeah, but you're antagonistic and bring it on yourself delibrately with your bad art and crappy PMs.
  7. ME3 screenshot thead! Okay, okay, fine, no screenshots.
  8. I don't wanna be alone any more!
  9. it's fine, we've got 18 left, that's loads!
  10. So when this thread gets to 500 it dies?
  11. I'm not talking to you either, jerk!
  12. Actually, that was me. This should fit a standard A4 sheet though it will depend slightly on your printer so it might have to be scaled down a tad.
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