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  1. And their business model failed anyway, hence why GW2 is going to be pay-to-play. But Sand, like a lot of anti-MMOers is bitter more in theory than practice anyway, since 'I don't want to pay!' is a more convenient excuse than 'the games arn't actually that great' which, for the most part is completely true. After all, ANY gamer would be able to compile a wishlist of features for their dream game and continue by excusing nominal monthly costs, objection to which is more on a moral basis than a finantial one. After all, even a minimum wage warehouse packer can pay off an entire month in about an hour, and a doctor working overtime can pay off about a year in two hours, so anyone who claims that the money is REALLY an issue is only saying so because the games themselves arn't WORTH that money, which is completely legitimate, but a slightly different issue. However, anyone who claims that even the best game they could think of wouldn't be worth (a justified) $5 a month then they've probably got higher recreational priorities than games in the first place (such as arguing on the internet or taking their clothes off).
  2. But any form of DRM makes the game UNPLAYABLE! Right D_N?
  3. I'm great with molotovs, every one I throw delibrately sets Llyranor on fire and if you claim you can find a better use for them you're a freaking liar.
  4. You wait three years and this is the one thing you choose to say? Jeez man.
  5. This thread is the end result of Hades' experiments with self-launching catapaults.
  6. Wait, you actually got it working online? You know, that's kinda tempting....
  7. In my defence, there isn't a single freaking peon here that doesn't want to set you on fire you walking medkit carrier.
  8. ZoE1 had lots of great ideas and genuinely fun combat, but was ultimately held back by some awful design choices. ZoE2 removed all of those choices and made itself one of the best action games on the PS2.
  9. I'm a gaylord, what's the problem?
  10. Gabs likes this game? Sold!
  11. I mean, none of you guys have touched the game and we havn't even noticed so that says it all.
  12. It's funny that they don't advertise the coop, because coop in this game is great.
  13. yeah, they each need their own CD key for each copy of the game + expansion that you want to use in a multiplayer game.
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