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  1. As a dedicated PC gamer I agree and will be with you in spirit when I buy the game on its release, such is the depth of my protest.
  2. The actual unit balance in GC2 is pretty meh, WiC destroys it.
  3. The Warcraft3 skirmish AI could be brutal, but only, basically, because it cheats, both in terms of gold and build speed. But i'm fine with that in terms of challange, in DoW2 the AI both didn't seem to cheat OR have any kind of actual coordinated battleplan. It's units just sort of seemed to wonder around like morons half the time.
  4. You say that, but you're going to get annoyed the 10th time that Llyranor throws himself off a cliff then rage quit.
  5. Now you just need some friends! To play it with, I mean.
  6. Yeah, 4p T-hunt is where the game actually matters. but if you're the kind that actually cares about unlimited ammo on your useless pistol then you probably shouldn't be playing this to start with.
  7. Yeah, who'da thunk. I wanna play the shark level again.
  8. It's a CRPG, i'm suprised you havn't heard of it.
  9. He was duh, it's like saying that Halo had a plot.
  10. Lly is angry! Look at his rage! Rawr! This game looks like effort man.
  11. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/43869.html Adventure game for the PC with probably no gabs cameos! Let us discuss this through the medium of internets!
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