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  1. Thanks, the term seems to get thrown around a lot and I never really understood why. The problem is that both my country and yours and others have done very similar things in past years. Just look at the 'subtle' funding of Afgan freedom fighters back when russia invaded or the mess with china duing the Korean war. Hell, i'm not expecting any country to be perfect, and i'm not saying the current 'world leaders' are even that bad, but looking at even current situations like gutanamo bay, extreme rendition or our own 'hold without trial' laws makes me think about how, in the end, we're all very similar being that we're all human and that that's more important than race/culture will ever be. My grandfather spent his life as a soldier yet he says that he never saw as many people die as he did duing the 'releasing' of India and Pakistan fron british rule and the massacre that followed. We ****ed up, big time, and diplomatically and 'personally' pakistan is still pissed. Yet, you don't see people ranting about it dispite the fact that it's still having an effect on world politics. What i'm saying is that, while i've never really been a fan of Bush I agree with Taks in that he gets far too much personal blame from people who don't seem to really understand what they're blaming him for.
  2. Can someone explain the term 'strawman' so that I can understand Taks' posts. I'm serious! Last time I asked I got three different versions and now i've forgotten them all, and google just gave me porn. Creepy creepy porn.
  3. The mario games are, for the most part, fun platformers. If you give a crap about platformers. Personally, I consider Yoshi's Island to be one of the greatest games ever made and given that has nothing to do with nostalga and everything to do with the fact that it's fun (and I still play the GBA version).
  4. Are you saying that Rhomal is a LARPer? Because that would be pretty nerdy.
  5. MMOs are great for roleplaying because of contextual emotes. /dance /dance /dance See, i'm roleplaying a dancer...and a chick...and i'm asking for free loot from horny teenagers. Wait, you're right, MMO roleplaying CAN be awsome. LARPing is for nerds, MMO roleplaying is the future!
  6. The role of people who grind mobs for loo...wait, wrong game.
  7. Joridan gives you all the finger. He's a true knight of the order.
  8. I roleplay in Halo! It happens and can be of high quality!
  9. Man, that's even more manly than playing as an OAP. Go manliness!
  10. Not like MGS4 though, those are totally manly cutscenes.
  11. You mean, the two games that actually (finally) have me sold on a PS3? Yeah, yeah.
  12. Actually, you don't own it. That's the point.
  13. YOU belong in a Sci-Fi Channel Original.
  14. Calling HL2 a revoltion depends quite a lot on how revoultionary you find the engine/physics/implimentation of said physics to be. I'm not calling it one way or the other, but the physics (in particular, the grav-gun) was the real gameplay innovation here, if you wish to call it that (extending the definition of HL2 slightly, this goes for Portal too, even if Prey had some similar mechanics). I enjoyed the game as a shooter, and I loved seeing physics being used as a gameplay mechanic on a scale that hadn't really been done before but no doubt captain bitter here will disagree on the basis that valve sucks.
  15. Exactly, gameplay be damned, I REFUSE to enjoy a game unless the main character makes up for my own physical shortcomings. Because I'm manly, yeah! And not at all insecure.
  16. I too cannot enjoy gameplay without projecting myself into the head of the macho meatball who i'm playing. Anything less is unacceptable.
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