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  1. Do you think it's funny how the grandson is actually pretty normal sized?
  3. Like a fighter? Seriously? Wow. Jeez.
  4. It's not a fighting game (you know, those things that require strategy and precision as anything more than a button masher). It's a choose your own adventure book with pretty visuals. I'm not saying that makes it a bad peice of media, but it's a horrible GAME. I'm all for diverging paths and choice and result and all that, I am NOT all for 'shake controler to wipe arse', that's not gameplay, it's not engaging, it's a bad game. As a GAME. Sure, the story could work as a film, but HR works for its player involvment in the desicions the characters make. THATS where it shines, even if it needs to tighten up the writting and VA. But as a game, it sucks an Edge Mavrick and Arabeth rolled into a ball of Bastila. Horrible horrible game. Not unenjoyable as a piece of media, but a horrible game. It's like the anti-Star Ocean 4. And seriously 'it's like a fighter because all you do is push buttons'. I mean, seriously. Really. Honestly. Seriously. I mean, yeah. Jeez, man, jeez. No words man, no words. Except all of those, shut up.
  5. These days I only post when you link me to somthing.
  6. I think you have a problem.
  7. I also fail to see whats wrong with this. I mean, I don't care about the game anymore I've played it to the end twice now, but it might entice new players.
  8. We told you guys about this 4 years ago, jeez.
  9. No, I played Transport Tycoon. EDIT: hahahaha, love it.
  10. Hey, Llyranor, remember when we played this game?
  11. Or rather, your own inability to FREAKING RUN AWAY FROM REAPERS YOU FLAMING IDIOT.
  12. Yeah, I guess we don't. :(

  13. lol It's not actually true though, boring coop is still boring and, as such, you don't see us playing Army of 2, Conflict or Mercs 2, none of which are 'broken'.
  15. It's a PvP game, the bots are, as Llyranor says, target practice, being stupid at best. Don't expect a Day of Defeat either, when you start playing you're basically going to be cannon fodder. It's actually the most 'realistic' videogame interpretation of real firefights that i've ever experienced. The tanks are awsome, but really require you to be playing with a buddy to get the most out of them, given their multistation nature.
  16. Hey, Llyranor, remember when I had to push buttons to make you not dead?
  17. That's the average amount of comments once you remove normal swarm of morons and fanboys arguing over it, and they probably wouldn't buy it anyway. It's an RPG, they're always niche, even Biowares.
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