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  1. I really hope the AI will at least e able to avoid trains. I hear AI scripting is often the last step in development though, so I still have my mind open. Nitpick: For noise makers whatever happened to simple low tech alternatives to a gadget, like tossing a coin or a small rock?
  2. Mike didn't seem short on ammo at the E3 interview... I hope the ammo count isn't Mass Effect proportions like it was in at E3. Dues Ex is a good example, you get just enough ammo to kill everyone but only if you're good at guns and don't waste ammo.
  3. Oh ok, thanks for the quick answer Matthew. Congrats on the CG trailer and website, it looks like AP might just pull in a decent sized chunk of publicity before October
  4. Do they come with a toggle? I kind of prefer not been able to see people through walls. And what about auto aim?
  5. " Been doing so for the past year or so. Since I am also an active GT community member, I'm gonna do some promoting with a new blog and posting in the general gaming forums, as well as my GT faction forums. But that's tomorrow." link me to the GTTV blogs about AP please... And how do I start a new topic in GTTV, I've already registered and can reply but not create a topic.
  6. Still waiting for confirmation from a dev or funcroc.
  7. Well a day after the promo several threads about AP have popped up... seems around 2/3 of people dislike it because of graphics, or don't care because of gameplay. And a few 15 year old feel insulted by the 15 year old references that are constantly been thrown around by the likes of Chris and Parker. Is it true that any publicity is good publicity? And will there be a follow up to sell the game?
  8. I can't remember which season it was... 5 or 6 I think, but I recall Jack Bauer hiding just below a patrolling terrorist outside of a warehouse where Jack trips the terrorist onto his back and snaps his neck. The whole thing took about 2 seconds from the tripping to the kill and was far too sudden for the terrorist to yell out. Would be great to see this in AP.
  9. How many games have better melee than AP so far? SC, Tekken, DoA, Mortal Combat and Street Fighter don't really count seeing how they all specialize in combat and little else.
  10. So far I saw a couple of topics on the GTTV promo... around 15 replies each. And then nothing. Linked some other community circles I check in on once in a while, and it didn't really pull them in either. Or get much of a reaction. It's not a definite sign of failure, but if it doesn't make a splash on it's very own, very active game site... the success of AP looks kind of bleak... right?
  11. Seems Chris Parker was resisting an urge to punch Geoff when he mentioned VATS... or at least say something nasty.
  12. I'll wait until Monday evening before I start to consider whether or not the promo of AP is a success. However, I've already checked a response thread on an FPS forum, and seen a few new and old. Pretty strong sense of apathy about the game so far.
  13. All realistic physics would do is make them out of proportion with everything else. Unless they also tweaked the explosions, the movements, CQC, remove dual wielding... need I go on? Everything I saw in the video indicates they're aiming for a somewhat less wacky and over the top Matrix style action.
  14. So... 1 AM NA translates to about 2-4 in the evening for Australia, right?
  15. The worst thing that could happen is if Mike ends up doing things you don't want him to due to misleading options. This can be difficult to avoid with one word replies.
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