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  1. am i just confused or is this a spam thread
  2. If you wern't a spy for the British, and likely have a liceanse to kill, I'd say somthing meanish <{POST_SNAPBACK}> the second week of training has a strict tv disappreciation course, failure to score above 98(out of 100) in the final test results in removal from the program
  3. i think all this thread demonstrates is that tv sucks
  4. looks like an audition of some sort
  5. "If that is the case why do console RPGs have such complex game mechanics ?" i don't think he was talking about game mechanics
  6. if there are no horses what are you going to eat, cows, sheep, lizards
  7. sounds like the kind of stuff bio likes
  8. i was talking monetarily wise as well, you seem to not understand that's exactly the same, the fact is that by this standard the games financial success can technically have no relevance to any finances at all
  9. i'm not too fond of click languages the ancient assyrians had a language that was rather terrible on ones ears
  10. good point, they should be handing it out for free on every corner in america
  11. "To me, hwoever, the only 'financial success' moniker that matters is whether or not the companies making it felt that monetarily wise; the game was worth making. Seems to me that both BIO, and MS seemed satisifed with the game's finanical success." so, if i were to say spend thousands of hours making a game in my nonexistent garage (and lets say that it cost something to create, considering all the hours and electricity spent) expecting nothing more than to have a few friends to enjoy it, i would be able to call it a financial success does this not in fact make the term financial suc
  12. i think one should first ask of volo to determine what he means by financial success, only then can this be argued, if financial success in the volo dictionary means something that sold as well as the developers expected, then who knows, that might work out to be true
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