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Poll - Obsidian's Next PnP to CRPG Project


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Taking a poll on what you think would be a good RPG to CRPG project for Obsidian to consider.



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Shadowrun would be a good one, though I would rather have a cyberpunk genre game without magic.


Since I don't know much about the various "systems", I'll pick this one since it involves something I'm intrigued by - no magic.

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That would be the FUZION based Cyberpunk v3, that is of course Mike Pondsmith and crew can get off their duff and actually release the damn game. Grrr...


Other than that use the d20 Modern system and remove all supernatural aspect of the d20 System. You could make a decent and complex Cyberpunk CRPG with it.

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I'd like to see shadowrun, but only if the antagonist is Billy Idol

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Am I the only person on this site that has no clue what any of those settings/systems are?  :blink:

No, although I've at least heard of Star Trek, but not as a game.


Is Vampire: WoD anything to do with the Bloodlines/Masquerade game that Troika did? I heard that was based on a regular role-playing game, and the computer version worked pretty well, I thought.

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