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  1. I think that Troika only suffered from a small marketing budget and ultimatly thats what killed it. There are literally hundreds of games that are completly buggy and totally owrthless to play created buy much bigger companies with larger budgets. These companies still exist. These games are horrible but people still buy them, because the box reads like a cool game, or the PC magazine add or (bought off) preview sounded interesting. Some companies have the cash to put out tv commercials to get people to purchase the games. It's much like movie industry these day's. You can make the biggest POS to ever hit the screen, but if the preview looks cool, your gona get a ton of people paying to see it at least once. I think the majority of gamers don't really know or care who produced the game they are playing, and will probably purchase future games from that same company even though the game may totaly blow chunks. I think Troika suffered from the fact that they wanted to produce Original games right out of the gate, which no one had heard of, with very little money to market it correctly. I think Obsidian figured it out by starting with known titles to get established before moving on to somthing unique. This gives them a little more leway in case that new original title flops. Overall I personally Loved Arcanum. It had it's bugs and flaws but so does just about every opther game I can think of in existance. I was disapointed with ToEE but I think that had more to do with the fact that the P&P version of ToEE was nothing more then a hack & slash suicide fest anyway. They could have picked a far more intresting module to Replicate IMO. And see, they get flack for making ToEE the way that they did but all they wanted to do was be true to the real thing, and with that I think they did a great job. I just didn't like it. Never Played Blood lines, I'm not big on the whole vamp thing. Even thought it's not entirly correct to give them credit for Fallout, many of them did work on it, and it was a work of art!
  2. What more does any good game really need? I Havent played a Game with a reallly goood story since arcanum, and before that was Fallout 1. So if you dump the stroy idea, you get what diablo does best. Hack slash kill, find random Loot. I just like the random aspect to the game. The whole loot generated on the fly based on sets of variables, makes the game really last a while. Sure it's a no brainer but somtimes, thats all you want is to kick back, kill stuff, get loot and have fun. A prime example of what makes loot so important is City of Heroes. That game had some really cool potential, unfortunatly thier lack of Loot (along with some really bad re-design ideas) pretty much killed it for me. Now another really cool part about diable is the character creation. I love the way it works. It's simple yet complex on some levels. I guess the game over all is like that. It can be really easy, or pretty difficult, depending on what your willing to do in the game. Diablo II apeals to many masses, and dare I say has sold more copies then any other game... ever! I'm quite excited for Diabor III as long as it doesnt end up being a Pay to Play MMO, which is what I fear. Sure some people hate it, but it all comes down to a matter of taste. Call it an RPG or not, who really cares as long as it's fun! Some people hate FPS's (I'm one of them) yet One of my favorite games is the GTA series. Its deffinatly a FPS but it's so much fun to play that I tend to look over the technical aspect of what the game is. Games are ment to be fun first and foremost. If they fail to achieve that then nothing you can do to the game will make it suceed.
  3. It's reaaalllly Old, But Soldiers at War was one of the best squad based Tactical Turn based Games I ever played. It has a Mechinism in the game called oppertunity fire, which basicly means on your turn if you cross the sights of an enemy posed to attack with more "Action Points" left then you currently do it switches back to his turn for the sole purpose of allowing him to spend his stored points, moving away or firing upon you, before it switches Back to the remainder of your turn. (this works in your favor too) It's a World War 2 Game from SSI which came out about the same time as Fallout.(which is another Highly recomended one) Theres Also the Fallout Series (1 and 2 are the best, Tactics is kinda lame). Planescape Torment is a good one, but hard to play cause the graphics are pretty old. Theres a Whole slew of DnD style Turn based Games to check out. Arcanum is a wonderfull game (if you can find the Patch) which can be set to turnbased mode which is pretty good. There really isnt too many new games I am aware of that are turnbased however, and thats very unfortunate. Tis the way of the world I guess.
  4. Yes Do not forget this step, it's probably the most important one.
  5. Thx for the link fishboot! yea for Fallout 1!
  6. I just wanted to mention that you need windows 98 to play Fallout 1. It doesnt run on 2000 or XP unless there is some hidden patch that I am un aware of. and if there is somone please post a linky
  7. When it's all said and done they will throw in some angle where gorden IS the G-man...
  8. Just be happy that the title is still around! I'm sure it will be fine, we shouldnt pre judge the game before we've even seen a glimps of it. I personally can't wait!
  9. From all I've heard about God of War, I want it for PC so I don;'t have to buy a console to play it.
  10. Well hey, since you such a psychic, can you tell us what wednsdays Lotto numbers are too?
  11. You also "played" Cards against the GM for Initiative within a turn for normal combat. There was all kinds of cool stuff like that. You would be awarded poker chips throughout the game for various things which you could use for "luck" points. Basicly giving you a chance to change the out come of an event or some such thing. It was very original. I like how the Ammo was counted too. Damage was based around Location and severity not hit points. So even if you were the best gun fighter out there, you could always die with a well placed bullet. (and then come back from the dead as a zombie like person).
  12. I used to be a big D&D nut, but anymore it's all the same to me. I think I just out played it or somthing. I have no Desire to even look at another D&D book every again. Unfortuantly 3.0 also turned me off to the D20 system as a whole. D20 Games seem like D&D with a new wraper to me. One Game I loved and would love to find a group for again was Deadlands! I can't belive it wasnt mentioned! Speghetti western meets fantasy sci-fi! Actually we most played it as a Spaghetti western and just left all the monsters and crap out of it. It was probably one of the best times I had with Role Playing P&P games. Currently I play the hell out of Bloodbowl. Thats as close as I get to P&P games, and there is no role playing involved.
  13. Of all the "Diablo" clones, Dungeon siege is the worst IMO and Sacred is the best although Its not that great either. Both Games are pretty boring after awhile since all you do is level, loot, and kill.
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