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I don't believe a word of it... ;)

LOL I could try to get a pic next time she asks for Bao horns. She wouldn't let me take them out for a couple days - I had to ease them out while she was sleeping.


She seems to be a delightful roly-poly.

"Jedi poodoo!" - some displeased Dug


S.L.J. said he has already filmed his death scene and was visibly happy that he

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You have wonderful talent.  You should post this at the fan art forum!  It's a glorious wonderland there.  Even I had to put something up.  (No etchings - my scanner won that battle... but it isn't over, oh, no...)



:wub: omg, what a wonderful forum!! I'll have to check that out....

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mhm, there's some kind of pressure to anyone posting art here, because this forum already has (to my knowledge) two great artists frequently posting drawings...


but I'll risk it anyway, be it just for the possiblity of constructive comments :wub:


so anyway, here's my take on the scene where Atton actually dies in the end... I didn't know what to make of the scenery/background, nor about the kind of wounds he would have received prior to his death. So I improvised. *shrug* Half-assed Trayus Core (?) background, I know... I had much fun drawing and colouring this tho :D


Let me know what you think..?



Awsome job


What program did you use to color that? I always wanted to try and do something like that to my crappy work :)....


Edit: Errr... Uhh.... Just kidding ( I didnt see your previous response up there )

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  • 1 month later...

Guess I'm back with more art, for those who haven't been at the Fanmedia website... :D


so I have an artsy pic of Revan, a Carth and player character pic in Gorillaz style, A Juhani and Bastila pic, a master Kavar pic, a bunch of colored sketches and Yuthura Ban... Feel free to let me know what you think!! :p







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Awesome. Just awesome.


Kavar's light saber is really glowing!

The sketch gallery is great, I love the style of it, particularly the Handmaiden/Visas one. And I now have an inexplicable urge to get cyan and yellow crystals for my DS Exile...


Loved that LS Revan in an earlier post as well, but hey, all your works are great.


I really like all the different styles you use.

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Truly amazing art! I like drawing cartoons myself but am nowhere near as good as you. Also, I have never tried to colour any cartoons on the computer, are you using Photoshop or what program? I would like to give it a try just for fun. :D

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Love it. Fanart and fanfiction are most definatly one best things in the world.

You mean two of the best things, doncha? :lol:


Oh yes! Forgive me. Other good things: poppy seed muffins, KotOR, Atton, and burning CDs.



KotOR II: After the Credits Rolled: Read

Force Sight: Read


Gaming Blog: Read

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