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  1. Your style appears to be like Manga and Manga doesn't always have to look mature, in fact, it even looks better if characters are more child like. I think your picture is great. :cool:
  2. That comic was pure genious, your work is always a great laugh! Keep it coming.
  3. I suppose they could always show Nomi Sunrider/and or her daughter in a holocron or just have a character with the Sunrider name who is decended from her.
  4. I like it! It sort of reminds me of the skinny, half dead version of Sepheroth from Final Fantasy 7. He certainly has potential as a bad guy. So how much of this comic have you done? or are you still on the character design stage? keep the drawings coming, they are great ! (w00t)
  5. I was just trying to impress the Handmaiden by not lying and fighting instead... I don't think she was too impressed with me letting her get killed though.
  6. Al I can say is wow. Keep your drawings coming, they are excellent! Your pen work is amazing. Its also inspiring for us lesser artists to keep trying.
  7. Truly amazing art! I like drawing cartoons myself but am nowhere near as good as you. Also, I have never tried to colour any cartoons on the computer, are you using Photoshop or what program? I would like to give it a try just for fun. :D
  8. I came up with a strategy for getting past the difficult parts in the game, which has to be one of the lamest and strangest ways of completing the game. For example, on Dantooine, what do you do if you are surrounded by mercenaries and the other two members of your party have been killed? The revitalize technique is useless as the characters just get killed again! I just ran away to the other side of the field and for some reason the mercenaries stopped chasing me. Then I waited until my character was fully recovered and fought each one individually. Another example of my heroic battle tec
  9. I just had an idea for your first drawing of the Sith Yoda thing. What if you were to lose the lightsaber and have a hoard of the same kind of aliens who could be like Sith controlled creatures who steal Sith artifacts for their masters or something. Either that or make it an evil Yoda as was suggested. In any case keep the art work coming, I think its great, good job! (w00t)
  10. It is interesting to see how everyone pictures the Exile and Revan. For Revan I used the guy with the shaved head and scar. he had a double bladed yellow lightsabre. The Exile was the guy with the long black hair and had a double bladed blue light sabre.
  11. This idea is so different and unusual that I have to say I like it. Am I right in thinking you are a Dragon Ball Z fan? The word "Fusion" rigs a few bells.
  12. HK-47 has to come back, there is no doubt about that. He is just too funny to ignore. I do think though that KoTOR III should have a new ship for the PC and his/her gang and that the Ebon Hawk should appear in cut-scenes etc instead. I like the idea of a completely new character with a band of new jedi sent to find and help the Exile and Revan fight the true Sith. Perhaps the Handmaiden could be seen at the start of the game as a Jedi Master who trained the new PC and friends but who is not a playable character. An appearance from Bastila again would be nice too.
  13. I may be wrong but I think you can also create a lightsabre at the work bench once Baodur says you have all the right parts.
  14. That Mission cartoon is really great. Just the way anime is supposed to look. Stick with it i'd say. What program are you using to create your cartoons with? As for KoTOR III, I definately like the idea of having Revan and the Exile in the story somehow. I also think it would be great if you could be able to load your personal images for Revan and the Exile from the first two games.
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