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  1. While I agree that your fall should have a much bigger impact on you and your followers...I think it should also have better rewards, as far as darkside rewards go. Like getting a following and not being some rennegade sith who both the sith and jedi watn to kill.
  2. I haven't been up on this site in ages. But you know what cracks me up? So this is the KOTOR 3 ideas thread, part 20. so after TWENTY THREADS, at 47 PAGES!!!!!!!!!!! That's roughly 20 times 47 (more or less on pages for each) They haven't made a kotor 3 or even started it or confirmed or thought, hey, look how many people want this...we could make a **** load of money. So I think Lucas Arts and george lucas is dead, secretly, and some disgruntled employee is hiding the bodies. Becuase George would have jumped on this money by now....
  3. I've got the best Idea for KOTOR 3 ever! Here it is! Make the game.
  4. I agree with Jediphile, along those same lines...dont kill off people unless it's NEEDED and dont sacrifice ppl unless its NEEDED. For example. In k1, the first encounter with Malak was a joke, I was owning him. I'd hit him once, maybe twice, and it would skip to the cut scene of him putting me in stasis and all that bull****. Then I'd own him again and all of a sudden bastila sacrifices herself so we can escape and gets captured....as far as the way I was fighting him he would have been dead in moments and we would have ended the game right there...but they didnt make him hard enough, and didnt make bastila's decision to get captured believable.... They need to make the main bosses MUCH harder....
  5. I believe they have begun work on K3, it's been over a year since the second one came out, K2 was started months after the first came out, and wasnt announced till later, K1 was announced a year before the xbox even came out, and then forgotten about, and then announced again within the year it was to be released...I think with all the negative hype and over hype leading up to k2, they have been working on it in secret as they did with K1.... ...not saying it's obsidians project, it might have moved to another developer, but they probably dont want to mention it until within a year its ready to come out...so for the hell of it, say its been in developement this past year 1/2, I give it another year 1/2 before they start mentioning it, then about 6 months or more until its released.... EDIT: Otherwise, K3 is never going to come out, end of story.
  6. Incase you didn't know, the Jedi use this thing called "Force Jump" I know I know...crazy concept. But it's true. As far as your other ideas go, I like them. Starting with different introductions of the same story depending on ur class. Like using K1 for example....if you were a soldier/mercenary/blaster user class you would start on the ship with that blonde guy. If you were a Jedi you would have been with bastila from the start and instead of rescuing her from the outside you would have had to plan an escape from the inside. etc. etc. would be very cool. And yes, we deserve our lightsabers at the start. If they take only one idea from Oblivion...even if not the character creation...they MUST take the way Oblivion loads/lets u wander. The worlds are amazingly detailed and no restrictions. (except if u try to leave the country haha) and the loading screens are only through main doors/areas but the areas loadthemselves.....CRUCIAL...I say CRUCIAL The End.
  7. Sigh, KOTOR 3. How I count thy ways....in which I dont give a **** about you anymore.... After playing Oblivion, I realised there was a life after KOTOR and I've moved on. If they make it....cool...about time...if they don't ....I just dont give a **** anymore. and note that, yes, I was one of those coming up with multiple plotlines for how it could be made or what improvements they should make and etc. that was last year
  8. Well Hades to simply answer your question with another question.... Have you ever watched the show 'Cops'? If you had you'd realise that not everyone has commen sense :cool:
  9. They should take character creation notes from Oblivion. Even if you don't like the actual game, you can't deny that the character creation is awesome. With custom face morphing and etc. like on sports games. it wouldnt be hard in the star wars universe, and just give certain races more efficiency with different skills...altho there are alien jedi, the best of them are humans, at least all the main jedi in the movies have been humans. maybe better gunmen would be rodian or w/e other races and mandelorian for bounty hunters/assassins and etc.
  10. Hey I never claimed to be in love with the implementation of horses in Oblivion. As ShadowPaladin pointed out, being unable to engage in combat from horseback seems odd, since they are there. I also think a big part of the clunkiness I mentioned is more due to somewhat weak implementation, rather than realism. I do think you're being a bit excessive in claiming they're a waste of resources. Look, if we're gonna be hit over the head with these fantasy worlds with crazy magic that can revive people from the dead, exquisitely crafted uber weapons, complex chemical concontions that can do all sorts of neat stuff, it's about time someone figured out how to ride a f'in horse, right? It's a logical step to have mounts in a game with a large medieval gameworld you're supposed to explore. Horses often play a significant part in the overall makeup of a dynamic character too. Gandalf wouldn't have been quite as interesting without Shadowfax, neither would the Riders of Rohan without their trusty steeds. My guy is a knight, a knight just wouldn't be complete without a horse to ride. Nevermind that there's no way in hell anyone decked out from head to toe in extremely heavy, solid metal plates is gonna travel very far without a horse in the first place. Medieval/fantasy heroes and horses go together like peanut butter & jelly. So yes, their presence does add something rather significant IMO, aside from just allowing you to get from A to B in the game faster. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I agree, since this game isn't turn based like kotor, it's very much like fable...but much, MUCH, better role playing than fable...better action than fable (in my opinion) and a better story than fable (which I hope you agree)....but all of these things are just my opinion...but the one thing that this game has over a similar game like fable is just the fact that you can ride horses and go from A to B fluidly, wihtout loading screens (while on the horse I mean), its just seamless and adds so much more to the feel of the game and enjoyment, and makes you feel like you're your character and that you're in that world and it gives the game life. Also, even though the NPC's interactions with eachother can be REALLY cheesy and not make sense...for instance... "How goes it?" "Good" "Have you ever stayed at the king and queen tavern?" "leave me alone" "Well met" haha it STILL makes the game better for the most part, because it gives the game life and makes the world seem more real, as well as how you can just sit anywhere you want at anytime. I never played morrowind or any of the previous elder scrolls games, frankly because I'm not a hardcore rpg'er, but this game is by far the best I've ever played even though I'm much more fond of the star wars universe....Oblivion has made me more interested in its world just by how much depth there is to the game...it makes it seem like its an actual place rather than a traditional game...
  11. Yeah, maybe you should read a few pages back into the thread heh
  12. If you did not finish the job, then it is not complete... and about yoda...yoda thought he was the one who could defeat the emperor...but he was too ****y....he failed.... he had a better chance than obi tho
  13. But he was sent to kill him, he failed so did yoda
  14. Uhh I dont think so, there is no way Yoda would have lost to Anakin/Vader. If Obi could beat him, and Obi wasnt strong enough to fight Sideous, then there should be no reason why Yoda could not have beaten Anakin. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I know the logic that you are using, and to an extent that line of thinking would be correct except you're missing a few key points. 1. Obi did not completely beat anakin, he left him for dead...thats rule number 1 out of any movie...never assume u've won. The fat lady sure didnt sing there. (mechanical vader) 2. The only person who could defeat sidious was anakin himself, because he was the "chosen" one, like i said before, the story revolves around anakin. Of course, he could only defeat palpatine after being in his service, at the time of episode 3 anakin was not strong enough to defeat sidious....mentally....and by the time of Return of the Jedi, mentally he was ready but physically it was too late, and ended up dying in the process. 3. Yoda could not beat palpatine, it was a stand still, and if it had kept going on, Yoda would have died. If not, why run? In yoda's own words. ohhhhh irony burn. haha. and obi wan beat anakin in the duel by outsmarting him and countering him because anakin was impatient and it was a very emotional duel for him. He lost, but did not die. And later killed obi wan, tho by a sacrifice, he still out-lived him. So in the end, as far as wins' losses go, anakin wins, overall tho, once again since the story was based on anakins fall and redemption, it doesnt matter who won because he was redeemed in the long run and dies in the light. But this is almost a different topic completely! As far as Traya vs. Sidious goes, Sidious all the way, remember? Only ANAKIN could kill him. Vader could not. As soon as anakin cut off mace windus hand, and gave into the darkside he was too weak to kill palpatine, he was too controlled by him, and needed him. Once Luke finally redeemed Vader and gave him something to need other than palpatine, Vader died and Anakin was brought back and Anakin is actually who killed Palpatine. Anakin beat Vader in his inner conflict/personality crisis. Like the prophecy said, but it was also, from a different point of view ;-) "obi wan kenobi" GO sids!
  15. Traya. she was pretty good at manipulation? WHAT ABOUT SIDIOUS. who was a MASTER at manipulation. Traya manipulated one jedi, a jedi exile, who has been out of it for years and didnt know a thing about the current state of the galaxy. Sidious manipulated an entire galaxy of senetors and politicians, AND the entire Jedi Order that was guarding that Galaxy. The end. as far as a video game character thing vs the movies, i agree, you can't compare. But actually, revan wasnt that good of a duelist, Malak was better, in that sense. And if you actually read about sidious/watch the ep3 dvd from interviews with ian, he says, straight from George Lucas telling him about the character, that sidious could move 1000 times faster than the average jedi with a lightsaber, and Revan, was just an above average saber user if u remember, nothign special, it was his wit and military command that helped him defeat malak (draining the bodies). Dont be fooled by the fact that sidious was bested in a saber fight vs Mace windu. Mace Windu was a complete badass, and actually used a saber form that dove into the darkside at certain angles. ANd was also unpredictable and never heard of. Sidious was rusty, and also, had just defeated 3 other HIGH level Jedi MASTERS before mace, under 9 seconds too....yes, I counted. ;-) Mace was even a better saber combatant than yoda, because Yoda couldnt disarm sidious. As far as dying goes, yoda would have lost to vader too, he was stronger than sid or yoda. Or could have been at least. But he was controlled by sidious, until he chose his son. and don't try to get caught up with that whole power struggle thing and what could or couldnt have been. Vader killed Sidious because VADER was the focus of the story, and that's the only reason. lol. his redemption. It would be interesting to see a story based soley on sidious. and tho I'm a fan boy, I'm not in awe of sidiou and I dont disgard the facts, Sidious wasnt unbeatable, but he certainly did the unthinkable. all in all SIDIOUS PWNS KREIA. theres your evidence, based on the facts. Which are still not real. ;-)
  16. Haha K1 didnt do it for me too much as far as dark side guilt, everything felt just. Maybe killing mission, only because I was counting on future prospects of cradle robbing...I wouldnt have killed her personally, I would have made her a darkside slave and waited till she was legal ;-) in K2 tho, I felt alittle strange after I convinved the guy in the refugee sector to commit suicide when I had a cure to his sickness lol.... The best I felt as a darkside was making those two exchange guys jump off the ledge into the depths of Nar Shaddaa
  17. The exile would have totally fell for Dark helmets shake-hand trick.
  18. How can you do that? Once I know the story and have played through it for the various different endings, I get bored since I know exactly what's coming and exactly what each character says/does in situations. I loved K1, but I got bored with it after I saw both endings as both male and female, and once I got through with a lot of the mods. Same with K2. And same with BG, BG2, FO, FO2, PS:T, etc. Once I've seen the ending a couple of times I don't see it as fun anymore playing through a game where I know what will happen. I guess I just can't think of ANY game that has a huge difference in variety each time you play through. The good ones have some instances where you can play through different, but none that give me a completely new playing experience after having finished the game 3 or 4 times. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah I agree with this 100% KOTOR 1 was actually my first rpg videogame becaue in general, I'm not a big fan, I know I know, sue me. But I loved KOTOR, and it actually got me back into Star Wars which the prequels (ep 1-2 at the time) totally sucked the life out of starwars. (ep3 was much better) But Even with KOTOR 1 I played it with male and female darkside and lightside endings, but then also I played a few different classes just to see how it changed gameplay, because I had never played an rpg before. But with KOTOR 2 I only played thru 4 times.
  19. Probably lack of social skills with the ladies...so weekends are pretty much a go haha
  20. it's what you call a toilet in Massachussettes where the letter "R" doesn't fall into their vocabulary
  21. When it is over a year after the videogame came out and you are still checking the forums for the videogame..... ....with no news for a KOTOR 3 or any clue what the develepors new game is...
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