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What is the highest damage total for lightsaber?

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if no one minds me asking how did y'all get the high dmg totals particularly on the one that 23-51?


so far I used two one my char


Lightsaber 1:

Ultima Pearl

Solari Crystal

Adegan Lens

Expert Fencing Emmiter

Ultimate Diatium energy cell

damage: energy 16-45, Bludgoning +1-8 vs. dark side, Crit 19-20, X2 +1-6, Attack modifier +6


Lightsaber 2:

Dacen Krail crystal (from crystal cave)

Solari crystal

Adegen Lens

Expert Fencing Emmiter

Ultimate Diatium energy cell

Damage: energy 14-43, Bludgoning +9-16 vs. dark side, damage bonus +4 lightside, Crit 19-20, X2

on hit slow 25% chance 6 seconds DC 18, attack modifier +5, defense bonus 2

restricted to: Light side, Dex +4, Str +4, Wis +5



if possible could you please post what was used to upgrade?



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Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell

Expert Fencing Emitter

Pontite Lens



Barab Ore Ingot


S: 19-20,x2, D: 20-20,x2

Dam: +10-20 Energy, +2-12 Fire, +1-10 Cold

Atk: +1

Def: +2

BBD: -2

Charisma: +2


(Energy; Short: 12-36, Single: 12-40, Double: 12-44)

(Energy & Fire; Short: 14-48, Single: 14-52, Double: 14-56)

(Energy & Fire & Cold; Short: 15-58, Single: 15-62, Double: 15-66)


6 hits per round with Juyo/Master Flurry/Master Speed with double blades is 90-396 damage per round. Strength modifiers and various feats would more than likely push this to 100-400++.






You might be able to use the highest level of your character crystal and gain a better damage bonus from the stats, but i'm too lazy to calculate that. ^^;;

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I ALWAYS use one lightsaber and played Guardian/Weaponmaster and 2nd Sith Marauder

I`ll try now Master...

So for the Sith Marauder here`s my saber:

17-45 raw

Critical Threat:

19-20,x2 +3-30

equipped 45-87

did quite close to 160+ hits with Master Flurry and one time I did 212

I won`t use 2 sabers...now I`ll try a huge doublebladed saber with a lvl 9 personal crystal ... still undecided if to play Jedi Master or the usual Weaponmaster

I like to see them duel that`s all...by the time I have master Force Lightning I have force points as much as HP usually :wub:


EDIT:I haven`t had the personal crystal fully levelled as well... I`ll try hard this game

As I remember I had personal crystal,Qxigoni thingie and another crystal + expert fencing,ultimate cell and forgot what lens...and my only save left is at the final battle so I`m afraid I can`t tell for sure

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Well, I don't know how high I get but when I am on Malachor V and use Force Enlightment + 2 lightsabers I most often kill every dark jedi / sith assasin in 1 or sometimes 2 hits.

I remember something like 72-42-81-26 I had. Class: Sentinel - Watchman. As always: sneak attack rules!


I do think that if you go Guardian - Watchman you get the highest damage. It's like the Scoundrel - Guardian from the first game.

Master Vandar lives!

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I just use the killblaster and kill everyone in one hit.




The area between the balls and the butt is a hotbed of terrorist activity.


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