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  1. At last beta has been reached! At last shall we see all the cut content! At last shall we know! Great works guys and congratulations. I'm now waiting for the 1.0 version. Good luck.
  2. As far as I know, theses files are just MP3 renamed as .wav. It should be played without trouble if you rename the music from filename.wav to filename.mp3. At least foobar2000 plays them.
  3. You should try to update the video card drivers, the Windows, the game...
  4. Hades_One is right. Look inside the CD in the Windows Explorer, you won't find any revelevant directory only a big .cab containing a part of the game and all the stuff related to the installer, the starter and so on.
  5. I begin to undestand why handling a community is so hard. Anyway, it seems that Obsidian has moved to other projects (NWN2 and New Jersey). I don't know if LA has even any dev team now, so a new bug fix is very unlikely. Perhaps some modders will make unofficial bugixes ala Vampires Bloodlines.
  6. Nope, nowadays all the content of a game is copied to HDD including KotOR II. The video were in a directory called "movies", so they always came from the hard drive. The CD is only here to bore you with CD-check to be sure you really legally own your copy of the game.
  7. It's not that obvious, but the video quality is slightly improved. But if you don't have much time or bandwith, downloading only the music pack will be better since the difference is huge.
  8. Doh ! I were beginning to lose any hope to see this patch coming, and here it comes, in "late september" as someone in theses forums predicted it. That's quite marvellous. Well, thanks Obsidian and LucasArts for having take care of us .
  9. I were wondering this : does someone has any link to a sure source stating all these things about DirectX 10 ?
  10. Java and C# are very close indeed, so it should not be very difficult to learn one after learning the other.
  11. I think this would be the smartest way to handle this. If these rumors are true, I hope this is the Microsoft developpers opinion too.
  12. I even heard they will backport the shiny new GUI to XP. And some other API too... As far as I know the OpenGL stuff is provided in the driver of your graphic card, so I do not see how they could emulate this or find a way to destroy it with DirectX 10.
  13. Then, why some of theses "other companies" are leading us to bash them ?
  14. I think yes. Hearing crappy mono music damages the imersion in the game as better as bad voice acting or an instable game.
  15. You mean stop buying LucasArts games ?
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