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  1. Well... Revan WILL die, Jedi are not immortal... it's just the question how and when.
  2. Jedi are nasty. They never die out completely. They didn't with KotOR 2 and they didn't with episode 3. You don't have a set time yet so everything is possible.
  3. It's only hard until you get your lightsaber. From then on, you can relatively easily solo everything, especially as sentinel/watchman. Your defense rockets up like nothing, I barely got hit after level 12 and normal enemies usually didn't hit me once after 20 unless they were in groups of 8+. Only bosses took their time sometimes as beating away Kreias 1000 hp twice took several swings.
  4. Either as Padawan with the master together or as Master with a Padawan. No more Jedi within the player party then, two must be enough. Although it's nice to see your whole party in Jedi Robes with lightsabers I'd love to see it going back to the old ways, a master and a student. For dark siders of course a switch of masters or drawing your student on your side then (or losing him to the other side of the force if you don't do the right things to him ).
  5. Can a mindless creature be evil? Even if they're tainted by the dark side it's a little curde that they should be extinct. When there is redemption promised to any sentinent being, why is there none for creatures like them? Btw. that reminds me of how useless beat trick was in KotOR 2. Okay I can use it on a beast so it will do nothing... until the effect fades then it will attack again. I can neither make it to my pet nor can I calm it down permanently (it will still stay red). Somehow dissappointing.
  6. Even as lightsider it's simply to easy. Just use force enlightenment (suppose you have at least valor and speed at 3). Then it should only take 1 or 2 times flurry to drop him to heal... even as Jedi Consular/Jedi Master it works fine that way. And for Kreia it's almost the same. /edit: You did upgrade your saber, didn't you?
  7. That is part of the dark side. All those feelings, hate, anger, lust and so on have one thing in common. They grow the more you give in to them. That is why she would tear the galaxy apart. She has fallen into a similar state like Nihilus, hunger. Only her hunger lies not in destruction but in her own satisfaction. She wants to prove that she is right, that her teachings are right, that all she has done is right. She wants to show the Jedi Council that they were wrong to betray her. Her lust for victory lies in proving them wrong. And when she proved all of the council how superior she i
  8. Well... about that discussion between Atris and Kreia... It is obvious that Kreia hated Atris most of all. Otherwise she would have killed her like the other masters. Kreia wanted Atris to suffer for her betrayal. Now what kind of betrayal can cause such hatred? What did Atris betray Kreia with. Why did Atris not mention that when she spoke to the Exile as she clearly knew whom the Exile was traveling with. So my theory, about what happened to Kreia/Kae and why she is so full of hatred, would be like that: Master Kae fell in love with Yussanis. As a result of this love, Kae bec
  9. The green one is way darker than the viridian. The viridian has a nice warm silvery green touch... was my favorite color as LS.
  10. My lightsaber had a total of 23-51 equipped (as Watchman). Had quite a few hits of 150.
  11. The German translation of your friends facing Traya (Atris' voice) is funny though... The introduction "An assassin...A slayer of her own kin...A blinded slave......and a fool" has been translated as if Atton is female. It seems though as only partially these lines are spoken by Atris, some are spoken by Kreia there have been a lot of changes in the plot until release. /edit: As I keep checking the files, I found the files in folders 802, 803, 804 and 806 Vash still is the English voice actor. Either this was changed early in the game development so that they didn't tran
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