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  1. try this...dual wield, sniper shot, then precise shot...turn him into a massively nasty ranged jedi support, with the added bonus of sneak attack...i actually give him and mira the close shot feat, simply because they're so much better ranged than melee that it is no contest.
  2. max damage with blasters per shot (without cheating) 120 approx max damage with lightsabres per hit (without cheating) 200 approx
  3. add energy immunity underlay and overlay, enjoy 60% immunity to blasters and lightsabres...
  4. Power attack... with keen weapons, you get a natural critical hit on a roll of 16-20 with lightsabre... x3 critical multiplier, x4 with shien lightsaber form... 243 damage in ONE HIT... plus knockdown effect if they fail fortutde save... having said that, however, its pretty much been conclusively proven per round, its critical strike that's the most powerful....basically, half your attacks per round will do double damage. use with shien form for awesome damage.. lightsabre design is highly critical to get max damage... improved beam gem lens ultimate ditanium cell expert fencing emitter... :cool:
  5. just out of curiosity, bao dur fans... two weapon or dueling? :cool:
  6. no regeneration item needed... as far as i know, lightsiders don't die in that room...do darksiders? "
  7. 243... 170 ranged... though if i play with the ultimate saber cheat, and put 100 fire ingot crystals in one sabre, it should be a lot more...
  8. one of the save game editors from holowan labs supposedly can edit xbox kotor game saves... has anyone tried this? details about how to do this precisely would be much appreciated...i know you need action replay...make and model used would be appreciated...
  9. No. Actually I have no idea how the iteration is done for the charisma attack modifier at all?? Player has 14 charisma and never increased. Just used master valor and Universal D-Implant. That would make it 21 charisma. Wish I could figure out how that is derived. ALSO, notice the math does not add up. How does all those figures add up to 64?? I think the figures showing up is wrong but the actual total is correct. I mean if we do simple arithmetic the attack roll would have been 108!!! I think the charisma mod would have been 5 (but shows up as 25??). And the Targeting Vi modifier should NOT be 30. Should be 6 right?? Also Master Rapid shot from description SHOULD NOT impart penalties. My main question is strength bonus being given to ranged damage does not make sense. Maybe if we were using a sling LOL. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> charisma bonus of player adds to attack and saving rolls... i don't know how str bonus adds to damage using ranged weapons, but it does... the math in high feedback is rather whacky.. "
  10. KEEN!!! use with improved speed and master power attack and shien form... 16-20 roll will give you a critical hit...master power attack multipies the critical hit multiplier, and shien adds one to critical hit multiplier... x4 base damage per critical hit...
  11. no, no, no... max damage with mandalorian disintegrater/ripper/sith disrupter precise scope IV, mandalorian chamber, ultimate rylith power cell... max precise shot feat, weapon specialization blaster (implant) and master power blast... 154 DAMAGE PER HIT all meatbag npc have 18 con to use implants... mira jedi at level 20 to max out precise shot for free, con 18, master rapid shot and master flurry... handmaiden jedi at level 15 max precise shot, max powerblast... atton jedi at level 20 to max sneak attack, max precise shot, max sniper shot. all jedi have melee skills and max precise shot with ranged skills.. ai set to jedi support...
  12. the second time i ran thru the atton duel with twin suns...i noted the position they took, reloaded an earlier game, and cruelly laughed my butt off when they spawned above 15 mines... armor is best in this game...even the non force power allowed armor is pretty cool... an energry immunity underlay and energy immunity overlay will stack together, giving you 60% immunity to energy...sneer at lightsabers... mostly i wear a robe for looks...dark side robes look so cool...
  13. not always...sometimes it does add to damage, most times not.. no rule i could figure out... "
  14. wrong. energy resistance and force barrior subtracts 5-20 points of damage per hit during the duration of the force power...you can deplete an energy shield in one combat round, if they inflict more damage per round than your verpine prototype energy shield. they're meant to be used with resistant or immunity armor, and with your equippable energy shields. :ph34r: used with other equipment, especially early in the game, they're life savers. "
  15. with max two weapon feat, you still only get one attack per round unarmed. like rifles...use master speed to improve that...dueling is the only feat tree that improves unarmed. :cool:
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