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  1. I'm just curious, because you'd think either it would come out quickly, or not at all. It really makes more sense, given the delay up to this point, for it just to be ignored and swept under the rug.
  2. Holy ****ing crap! I wonder what could have made it take this long,
  3. Obsidian doesn't give a **** about their first game, doubt they'll do that much for NWN 2 either.
  4. You mean the fact that it's ****ty coding..... It won't run all that well, but I think I've seen people post that they've gotten it to work on that card. Might wanna try a forum search.
  5. You might need to get laptop specific drivers. www.laptopvideo2go.com if i remember right, might have some. After that, in the swkotor2 config file file you need to add "Disable Vertext Buffer Objects = 1" in the graphics section.
  6. You think they'll bother with troubleshooting?????
  7. And this is one of the hotter topics on these boards? R.I.P. Kotor 2. Here's hoping you find closure in the hereafter. "
  8. Yeah, the first KotOR was one of my favorite games, and I like so much of the content in this one better, but things like swoop racing not working, all sortsof random stuff, and the great plot just sort of taking a vacation two hours before the end make it frustrating at times, and then the lack of support / perversity of the devs/publisher/illuminati gets to me, and so there's just not much more reason to be interested.
  9. Devs: fyi I'm sure I'll buy NWN2 "soon" after release.
  10. After playing the game, so much of the content seemed like it just needed a little more time to be truly excellent, but with the whole situation, it's hard to avoid Midas' conclusion. On a related note, anyone else get an email from Lucas Arts going to a poll about whether you'd buy KotOR 3 or not and what aspects you were happy with? Most all of the questions were on game features, not completeness, so had to write that in at the end. Seems like they're worried they've pissed everyone off enough to kill the franchise.
  11. Beyond the high-res movies patch, doesn't the current one being x.xx*B* imply that we should, at least, get another one that actually fixes stuff?
  12. Not that I know of. It's an intentional feature. People bitched and moaned that they were too small in the first game.
  13. Well, seen RotS, but still waiting on a full, (non-beta, actually fixes stuff) patch, being able to swoop-race, and decent resolution movies. Thanks.....
  14. Nope, I tried with a fresh install, new game, after the patch. Still completely and utterly broken.
  15. Swoop racing just hasn't been fixed as far as I can tell. There are pads that still don't work, sometimes they call you champion after you lose, sometimes it doesn't recognize finishing a race if you hit anything at all, etc etc etc. The racing is completely broken and unplayable.
  16. shhhhhhh, they're sleeping........
  17. No, that's DNF. This is something like #5 methinks
  18. I'm not buying a chevy unless it's made by ford! Seriously though, this "support" is attrocious at best, and as much as I'm trying not let it spill over against Obsidian, it's getting a lot harder to
  19. Well I'm sure they would, but "HA! NO PATCH FOR YOU!" didn't do too well with the focus-groups......
  20. Its year is much shorter, but iirc, its day is almost as long as its year.
  21. Coming soon for a patch is much different than coming soon for a game release, or coming soon to a theater near you. Completely different timescales....
  22. Well I'd be repeating myself also if I said I enjoyed the game, because I did. A lot. Now can I whine about the patch?
  23. Anyone see that Futurama with the Lucy Liu bot? That's about the only explanation I can think of right now........
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