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  1. I get performance issues too, post-patch 2.0. Pre-patch I was getting a constant 60 FPS in every area, can't remember it dropping below that even for fights. Now, post-patch, I get a max of 45 FPS and it usually hovers around 15 FPS or lower when there are enemies on screen. It was 45 FPS at Caed Nua - and lower when I went to the new area (not White March, but the other one). It was so bad that I decided to halt my playthrough - it was unplayable. Loading times seem to be three times as long now too. Only other thing that has changed about my PC is that it is now running Windo
  2. I'd like Chris to blog about it. No need to make videos - I'd rather he enjoy the game the way it was meant to be played, as a solo kind of thing. But he can write about it all he wants, that can come after.
  3. I think you can still kill them as LS, you just have to pick your conversation options carefully...correct me if I'm wrong.
  4. You start seeing strange bubbles everywhere and start trying to disarm/recover them. You start to bash doors instead of normally opening them. Whenever you speak to someone, several conversation choices appear before your eyes. You start to breakdown empty Coke cans and try to make repair parts out of them. You run around your house several times trying to trigger non-existent cutscenes.
  5. Dude you really should have played KOTOR1....
  6. Well like it or not, the EU is canon. Well, most of it, apart from the blatantly apocryphical and ridiculous stuff.
  7. Not only that. It also means that from now on, no more Jedi wookies, EU or not. And of course no double-bladed lightsaber wielding slugs either. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, NOTHING can be added to the EU (books, games, or otherwise) without Lucas' consent. Every NJO meeting included George Lucas - he sets the rules. For the games, it is Lucasarts, who in turn get their orders from Lucasfilm. This is what Chris Avellone was talking about in the other thread. So Lucas had to have authorised the character of Lowbacca to be Jedi. That means he has gone back on what he origi
  8. But the Unknown Regions are beyond the Outer Rim...which is what the title of this thread refers to...so you could also word it as 'What is in the Unknown Regions?' <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually the Unknown Regions aren't 'beyond' the Outer Rim. If you look at a map of the SW universe in the NJO novels, you'll see the universe in all its glory. And before someone here complains - the maps are OFFICIAL, Lucas recognised.
  9. You'll notice a lot of Star Destroyer-like ships in the EU. In Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Jerec's ship looked very much like a Super Star Destroyer.
  10. That is just strange, how is hutt meant to move anyways? is it meant to do the snail/slug act and push itself along with its tail *if* its in your party? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was thinking of it using force speed to speed itself up. It's not a bad idea as force speed is often used in the game. Or, the Hutt could have a repulsorsled.
  11. We already know that if you chose Revan to go DS, then Jolee and Juhani were slaughtered and you also had the choice to kill Zaalbar and Mission, or get Zaalbar to kill her (which is what I chose). I was rather disappointed though at the lack of reference to Bastila in the game. I tried to get to the holocron on Korriban but it was damaged when I blew up the door (there was no other way to get in).
  12. Thanks for the flame. I really do appreciate seeing geeks from halfway across the planet insulting me when they don't even know me.
  13. I completely did not understand your post. Maybe if you wrote in proper English everyone would understand. I don't mean to flame, but the language on these forums is English, that's why everyone writes in it. EDIT: I just read through what you wrote a few more times....do you mean whether people went light/dark side in the game? The way you phrased it didn't mean it that way.
  14. I've pre-ordered one of those things. And I'm 17. How sad does that make me?
  15. Unfortunately Obsidian isn't a god-company yet like Bioware. They are a new business (yes, business) that has just started out from the charred remains of BIS, and need to watch their finances if they are to survive. The games industry is one of the most risky. A lot of companies, companies with good potential, have gone bust because they invested too much in a game. What Obsidian needs to do is do a cost-benefit ratio. If they make a patch to fix the game, will it increase game sales, which equal profit? Obsidian needs money in order to finance NWN2 and future titles. They need to follow
  16. Just thought I needed to say something extra, if one of the Obsidian peeps is reading. I wholeheartedly understand why you want to shut the forums down, given all of the '133t fanb0is' and K2 haters here. But one of the things that Bioware said they hoped you would do, is listen to the community. They said that they themselves pride themselves on their community feedback and how they take advice from the forums in making, and adding on, to their games. They said they would hope you would do the same. Therefore I think it is a shame the forums are being closed in that respect. But overa
  17. I thought the planets were cool, especially seeing Dantooine and Korriban again, and of course Nar Shaddaa, possibly the greatest planet in the EU ever.
  18. Actually I'd quite like to see a GTA-style SW games. Imagine that, basically an RPG, but you're free to interact with the environment, get in vehicles/starfighters and move around the universe at will, but with a proper storyline and missions to do! *drools at the thought*
  19. I really did enjoy playing KOTOR2, I liked the characters and the storyline, and I really got that 'Star Wars' feeling. I liked the way you expanded on stuff from KOTOR1 like upgrading, breaking down and creating items, the whole 'influence' system, and how the game never became boring, there was always something interesting going on, always something to do. Even though the ending was disappointing, the rest of the game was still enjoyable to play and I can understand why it won many RPG of the Year awards and high scores in magazine reviews. This isn't a kiss ass post either, I just t
  20. A Basilisk isn't a space craft, it's a beast. I found some more proof that the intention of KOTOR's version was to be the Beast as well. Canderous said he rode his Basilisk into battle, and yes that has been said before. Never once does he speak of riding IN his Basilisk. The pc has the option of saying, "You dropped into a battle RIDING a DROID." Clue number 2. Canderous then talks about HIS ARMOR, "MY ARMOR," glowing red hot because of the heat of reentry. Not the Basilisk outer armor, HIS ARMOR. So clearly Bioware's intentions were the Beast. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
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