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  1. There's not much to it....just make sure you aren't at neutral alignment or anywhere near there, talk to Kreia and you'll be fine. In my first game I got to Sith Lord at about level 17, second game I got Jedi Weaponmaster at level 16. Doesn't matter what planet you're on, just talk to her in the Ebon Hawk.
  2. Yes the music of KOTOR2 was good, sometimes better than the music in KOTOR1. But at times it was hard to hear the conversations if loud music was playing when the voices were quiet, for example Bao-dur or Visas, both of whom have soft voices.
  3. I agree with all of the opinions voiced in this topic. I never was able to get much influence with Kreia, because she kept talking nonsense which my LS Jedi just couldn't agree with. I did however complete the game as DS too, but came to blows with her because the Exile grew to think of her as pathetic (which she actually is. Stupid old hag).
  4. Yes I had been reading those Chronicles back before I got the game. But I didnt read the last two because as soon as I saw 'Knights of the Old Republic 2' in the timeline at the start I thought, 'Aaagh, spoilers!' and I quickly closed my browser. I've just read them both through now, and the only major spoiler I could see in them was about Kreia building the Trayus Academy on Malachor V. Canderous going to Dxun isn't that much of a spoiler.
  5. I totally agree. John Williams is a genius and should be knighted. The 'Imperial March', which dominates most of the Star Destroyer sequences in The Empire Strikes Back, is simply superb, and I keep whistling and humming it all the time. It also got a play at the end of Attack of the Clones with the clones marching aboard the transports, though that version was slightly altered.
  6. I assume the Dark Throne is the big red spot in the thing at the planet core.
  7. I put Revan, simply because Sion and Nihilius are pathetic and disappointing, Maul was beaten by a padawan, Tyranus is a stupid character anyway (I hate the prequel films) and Vader was almost killed by Luke in ROTJ (the 'hand' scene).
  8. Wait, you haven't played KOTOR2 yet visit the spoilers forum? How can you NOT expect to be disappointed?!
  9. Just play KOTOR1 to find out. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well said, but some people, like myself, have played the first game and wanted to know what happened in between to make Revan decide to go away and the group to disband.
  10. I was wondering this too, and Bao-dur too...do you just have to keep getting influence with them? Or does it come from some hidden quest?
  11. how about the part your using T3 in the prologue, you see that droid from the original trilogy where Mandalore stands later on, i forget there names, but there like over grown MSE droids, and they say "Tog.. Tog" lol theres one near Kreia, then theres C9 i think it is, in the Cargo hold. did T3 come back with a bunch of droids looking for the Exile or something? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> If by overgrown MSE droids, you mean the 'Gonk' droids. I have forgotten their proper names but Gonk is their nickname because of the sound they use. They are like rectangular boxes, with two shuffling legs underneath. I'd be astonished to see them in KOTOR...as that would make them 4000 years old in the SW trilogy and following games (Jedi Knight etc) that feature them.
  12. Obsidian don't even have to apologise or acknowledge they made flaws/mistakes. All they have to do is release a patch, like Bioware did, that gets rid of the bugs and perhaps add extras (the ending, and the additional side quests maybe?). With less bugs, I'll be happy.
  13. No point in using cheats codes. If you really are stuck, read a walkthrough. I've done that on more than one occasion. But using cheats in the KOTOR games is, IMO, quite un-necessary...it isn't that hard.
  14. I agree with you 100%, unfortunately I will continue to buy Lucasarts games, as long as they are Star Wars, because I really do love Star Wars and they of course own the license to it. I won't buy other games they make, eg Mercenaries of course, because they aren't Star Wars, and I strongly urge everyone not to get Republic Commando as it isn't really SW-like anyway, according to PC Gamer.
  15. I hated the character of Kreia. The best character in KOTOR2 was probably Atton. And I *will* buy NWN2, firstly because I loved Bioware's NWN and its expansions, and also because I am an RPG fan in general. KOTOR2 was a good game, just needed more explanation to the storyline and a better ending.
  16. I think the 'Last Jedi' meant the 'Last Known Jedi Alive'. The Sith knew about you and thats why you were under threat. The Sith however were unaware that Masters Vrook, Kavar, and the guy with the weird name were still alive. The same can be assumed for Bastila. And of course we all know that the old woman isn't a Jedi, just a bitch-queen from hell.
  17. WHAT? Mira and Bao-dur can be turned into Jedi? Tell me how, I beg you! I just uninstalled the game after completing both DS and LS....I'm an idiot.
  18. I am a big SW fan, and EU reader/player (as now all of the SW games have been made canon, apart from the blatantly apocrypha ones such as Rebel Assault, etc) but sadly not that in touch with the pre-ANH stuff, which I will have to catch up on. But I can't see how stuff from the 'Tales of the Jedi' comics and the rest can help me with storyline faults in KOTOR2.
  19. Ending was disappointing. You have to do it solo, god knows where your other characters were at. They crashed on Malachor V with you, so why didn't they accompany you?
  20. Yes I know there are lots of other topics asking questions like this, I've read through them, so I'll try to make my points as original as possible. I agree with all of the opinions made about Obsidian not giving the game a proper ending. I would have liked to have seen what happened to Mira, and Hanharr (as I chose not to kill him). I didn't care much for G0-T0, because there wasn't much point in his character. I would have liked to have had Visas and the Handmaiden accompany me into Trayus Academy, or at the very least two of the other party members. They didn't properly explain why Hanharr detests Mira so much. So what, she saved his life? The wookiees would have seen that as HONORABLE, they would have seen it as a privilege to have a life debt to such a kind, moral person. So what makes Hanharr different? Is he mentally inept or something? The main thing that angered me was not being able to talk with Canderous, HK-47 or T3 about Revan. Apparently with HK-47 to do that you need to have influence with him. Well, sorry, but since he is such a weak character I never had him in my party anyway - I stuck to strong melee types like the Handmaiden. And I couldn't get any influence with him because he was an evil assassin, whereas my character was light side. The only conversation choices I had with Canderous was about the Republic and stimulants. Yawn. Boring. Much the same with T3. What was the point of bringing HK-47 back if you can't even speak to him about Revan? I finished the game at level 27, and this was after completing virtually every sidequest that wasn't bugged and killing every enemy I could see. Was there any way at all to get to level 30? Also, what exactly was Kreia blathering about when she told you about the 'old Sith Empire' at the end? Carth hinted about this when you meet him on Telos. I felt more explanation was needed. The cutscenes were very disappointing. What exactly is that nebula? Is that where Revan went? Seriously, Obsidian, I loved most of the game except for its ending, which was mediocre at best. Very confusing, very frustrating! I hope there is a KOTOR3 simply because I need to know how this story plays out.
  21. I loved the swoop racing in KOTOR1. I hated the swoop racing in KOTOR2. Why? Because the race was full of bugs, making it impossible to complete (you start the race and suddenly your swoop goes up into the air, making it impossible to speed up on the booster pad things) and having to jump the obstacles, which doesn't even work properly anyway. So I didnt bother trying to do the swoop racing in KOTOR2. I only came across three turret games - the first was unfortunately compulsory, when you escape Peragus and you have to shoot the Sith troopers. UK's PC Gamer called it 'excruciatingly painful', and I have to agree. Shooting the fighters in the other two games at Onderon was easier, but still annoying. And Pazaak? Well, I could never do it in KOTOR1, so I saw little point in wasting my time with it in KOTOR2.
  22. I knew that the main character wasn't Revan even before I played the game. That's because in all of the articles I have read, they clearly state Revan has disappeared into the Outer Rim and your main character is a Jedi that served WITH HIM in the Mandalorian Wars. I definitely knew it wasn't Revan as soon as I came across Atton, when we were talking about Revan's history.
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