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  1. The Basilisk War Droid in KOTOR2 looked cool. I don't see what the fuss is about. Chris Avellone, the LEAD DEVELOPER of this game, has come onto these forums to explain himself to you, and all you have done is flame him. He was discussing an aspect of the game with fans and you pushed him away. I don't blame him if he doesn't answer more posts in the future, with people like you on these forums. It is just a game, it's not a matter of life or death. Get over it. Case closed.
  2. What they could do is have Revan start the game as a level 15 Jedi/Sith (depending on what you had chosen for him). The reason why he has gone down to lv 15 is, in the game's point of view, you dont want your character to be too powerful at the start, and in the storyline point of view, he hasn't been doing much battle since the defeat of Malak, mainly investigating the Outer Rim instead, and so has let his training go a bit.
  3. Something triggers it. Just wait and it will happen. You cannot manually select it, you have to wait until you are 'given' it near the end of the game.
  4. Oh, I understand the whole thing now! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Uh, no.
  5. I dont get how that is meant to be funny....
  6. Yeah, the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine was destroyed....not the planet itself. However, I can understand the confusion, because in KOTOR1 it was suggested as if the entire planet had been converted to ash.
  7. I think you'll all agree that what we need to see in the next KotOR, if there is one, is....HUTTS WITH LIGHTSABERS! Come on, you gotta admit, that would be so cool, having a Hutt member of your party, or just seeing one in a cutscene firing out force lightning or choking someone.
  8. Vrook wasn't a bad guy - he was a Jedi Master. My favourite bad guy was Darth Sion. I just wish they made him more powerful.
  9. I also agree but unfortunately the whole moderator situation looks grim. Obsidian now hate us all just because we asked for a real ending to the game we paid for.
  10. The Gizka got turned into the Sith assassins - thats why there's so many of them.
  11. Dude, Star Wars was always ALL ABOUT the midichlorians, don't pretend it wasn't. George is just like Herve, HE HAS A PLAN! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh, he almost certainly does. Because ol' Georgie Lucas knows that he never has to worry about money again - he can practically live off the interest his bank account generates each year. So he can get away with making awful movies and betraying his fans, because he knows the little kids will like it still, especially if he puts in some god damn stupid aliens in it like Jar Jar Binks. His plan is to make SW more and more awful while he reels in the money. He is the Devil.
  12. Guys, guys, this is not the place for trolling or flaming. Its a discussion on George Lucas Now we're not the only ones who believe Episodes 1 and 2 were disappointing. Practically look at ANY OTHER SW message board, except the ones on the Official Site of course which are full of idiots who praise him and take midichlorians and that crap seriously, and you'll see people who think the two prequels so far could have been much, much better. So what do you think Lucas thinks of Eps 1 and 2? Does he genuinely believe they were good?
  13. I believe the guys who live in the USA still have the big boxes and the jewel cases (see through plastic cases). People who live here in Europe, including people in the UK like me, now have nice DVD-type boxes and the CDs are actually quite easy to get out of.
  14. Thankyou! Someone who understands what I am trying to say!
  15. Mine got to about 30-50 as a Jedi Guardian/Weapon Master, with a single lightsaber.
  16. I used to consider Lucas a hero after watching the original trilogy. I even wrote a letter to him describing my admiration of him. After watching Episode 1, I was confused. Could my idol be destroying the very thing he created? I hoped Episode 2 would be as good as the original trilogy was. So I bided my time, and waited. Episode 2 was released, I was disappointed, even a little bitter. But my love of Star Wars kept me going to wait for Episode 3. Then the Special Edition DVDs came out, and my hatred, anger, rage for the man was complete. No longer content in spoiling the prequels with gungans and midichlorians, Lucas turned his death touch to the original films, the classics, the gods of films, the untouchables. You say Lucas is the father of Star Wars? He had the ideas, certainly. It was the DIRECTORS who brought it to stunning life in the original trilogy. This is why the prequels suck - Lucas has directed them. The real fathers are Timothy Zahn, Tom Veitch, Kevin J Anderson, Greg Keyes, James Luceno, Aaron Allston, and all of the countless other EU contributors who took Lucas's universe, shaped it, modelled it, into the base we know and love today. KOTOR is a result of these men, not Lucas. Lucas has no involvement, he just signs the papers and collects the cash.
  17. They're keeping quiet over the whole issue of KOTOR3, and I don't blame them. Successful companies like Bethesda and Ensemble never announce their games until they are a fair way ahead into making it. When TES IV: Oblivion was announced, Beth said they had been making it right from when Morrowind had been released.
  18. No, I'm sorry...I'm really embarrassed now, I've edited my post to get rid of the whole mess-up. :">
  19. I can't exactly give you answers, but one possible reason could be because Obsidian wanted to show the clear division in the Jedi as a result of the Mandalorians invading....
  20. Mira and Visas tickled my fancy. And anyone who thinks Kreia is a 'hot woman' is sick and needs medical help.
  21. Well I can't go into exact detail without posting spoilers, but I could speak with Mira about her past easy enough...it was just the 'extra' stuff I didnt have access to, if you know what I mean....
  22. I resent that. I'm not usually the complaining type - I love Star Wars and Star Wars games in particular. When Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy was released, everyone was slagging it off - not me. I played it through twice - once as LS, once as DS, and loved it. So if I feel disappointed in the ending of KOTOR2, I am pretty sure a lot of other people will join me. And its not just me that feels this way - the experts do too. Review magazines and websites also feel the ending wasn't up to scratch.
  23. A four-year old female Revan....Obsidian will most likely try to use this in KOTOR3 as a flashback! Copyright it as quickly as you can! :D
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