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  1. > is 'Greater Than': KotOR 1 > A New Hope > The Phantom Menace; The Empire Strikes Back > KotOR 2 > The Clone Wars; Revenge of the Sith > Return of the Jedi > KotOR 3? (No Jar Jar vs tons of Ewoks, no Jar Jar wins.)
  2. http://www.pointlesswasteoftime.com/film/ep3spoilers.html The storyline half of this version isn't entirely correct *cough*, but the pictures are mostly there.
  3. Ah, I didn't even know a mod for that existed. >.> That would have been quicker than the way I did it.
  4. Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell Expert Fencing Emitter Pontite Lens Pontite Barab Ore Ingot S: 19-20,x2, D: 20-20,x2 Dam: +10-20 Energy, +2-12 Fire, +1-10 Cold Atk: +1 Def: +2 BBD: -2 Charisma: +2 (Energy; Short: 12-36, Single: 12-40, Double: 12-44) (Energy & Fire; Short: 14-48, Single: 14-52, Double: 14-56) (Energy & Fire & Cold; Short: 15-58, Single: 15-62, Double: 15-66) 6 hits per round with Juyo/Master Flurry/Master Speed with double blades is 90-396 damage per round. Strength modifiers and various feats would more than likely push this to 100-400++.
  5. Well, here is how I see it. Obsidian, your making games because you love them, right? Then make it show in your games, reguardless of if the company is at stake. If you really love making games then you should be willing to sacrifice yourselves for it, or else what point is there in releasing a game that is lower quality than you know it can be? If Lucas Arts or any other publisher attempts to rush you then ignore them, because if they drop you as the game's developer it still won't be on time anyway. It basically narrows down the choices to let you develop it at your own pace, or give it
  6. The idea someone had of Visas willingly sacrificing herself for the storyline would have worked a bit better, or maybe a variation I think. Giving Nihilus insanely high dexterity (defense/dodge) until Visas either uses her connection to weaken him, or sacrifices herself to weaken him. Afterwards I think having him with his normal stats would be somewhat acceptable.
  7. He already summed it up, but I feel like making a little chart out of it for no reason. ^^;; Ebon Hawk HK-47 - Four 'HK' parts are needed to reactivate him. They may be looted from fallen HK-50 droids or bought from various vendors. Peragus II Kreia - No requirements. Atton Rand - No requirements. T3-M4 - No requirements. Telos Bao-Dur - No requirements. Handmaiden - Male characters only. Nar Shaddaa (Fixed typo, I blame it on copy and paste) Mira - Light side characters only. Hanharr - Dark side characters only. G0-T0 - No requirements. Dxun / Onderon Mandalo
  8. Throughout the game you were made to believe he was some godlike sith lord who could wave his hand and cause mass extinction all around him as he devoured energy. When you meet him, you defeat him in less than 20 seconds; it was like that for me anyway, it would have been less but there was that out of place dialog with Visas acting like he was hard to defeat.
  9. Kreia was more than likely one of the other passengers who boarded, as I can't think of how else she managed to get on board. After she got on the Ebon Hawk where you and the HK-50 droid were located, it was badly damaged and she was put into a near death state because of it. When HK-47 mentions that someone was putting him back together, this is the hint that the HK-50 droid was in the same room as HK-47, attempting to repair him, when the door was sealed due to the attack. That was the knocking on the door during the tutorial, and the meaning of the short HK-walking-through-the-flames cli
  10. ... and would you rather have Atton and Kreia holding hands, running through a field of flowers while Sion plays with his new Puppy? Not all the endings were 'dark', and I think all of them are better than the current ending. As someone else said who I can't recall right now, "Its like we're watching Return of the Jedi, and Vader just threw Palpatine down the shaft in the Death Star, and then suddenly the movie ends."
  11. Kreia chooses you because you were able to completely let go of the force and still live, and because of this the force cannot dictate your destiny like it does to every other living thing in the galaxy. Anyway, on another note. I was screwing around with Artis and it seems she has a party icon, as if at one point she was actually a valid party member. Seeing as there is no evidence of it within the sound files, im guessing it was either something very early in development, or a solo mission (which would be very interesting to play, depending on the situation... *points at the posters of
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