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  1. I think you can just use your hands and slap everyone to death on the hardest difficulty setting. No need for weapons.
  2. It took me a while. The most annoying thing is with these puzzles, I couldnt remember the answers i worked out when i played it for the second time, so i had to do it all over again. 3rd time around i used a walkthrough.
  3. You may want to look at this then http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/index.php...hives&date=last
  4. The game is meant to adjust to your level. I tried this out by upping my level at an early point in the game but leaving my droid the same. The droid was killed with one hit by NPC droids and didnt do any damage to them. Returning my level to previous and all was fine. killing boss characters in 1 or 2 hits is poor. So was killing all the lightsaber wielding sith with 1 hit. THe difficulty needs to be doubled.
  5. Its all about influence and progressing the dialogue options. Light side was easier, because they all seem to prefer the light side. I also was of the opinion that trying to unlock the navicomputer might be a dead end story thats been cut. I am trying to get there though. There is lots of dialogue to go through.
  6. 2 hits. 1 before the pause, 1 after. same as Sion. 1 - 2 hits before each pause. Kreia was harder because of her Vitality points. Darth Nihilus isnt explained. Another part of the dead end stories.
  7. Should/Will we get to see what happens to the other characters in the prologue for KOTOR3. What happened aboard the Ebon Hawk after it crashed on Malachor, What happened to the team. How about G0-T0 and the remote. A flashback to the events we didnt see in KOTOR2, then a step forward to current time.
  8. Awesome. It got to the point where I could play solo. I was hoping for this.
  9. There are lots, though i didnt write them down and my memory sucks. It was very amusing.
  10. It wasnt just left open, it was killed. I killed Sion with 1 -2 hits each time. On difficult at level 33 Jedi. It was like running through a shopping mall at closing time. Was nothing to do and no point to it.
  11. You guys are losing the plot somewhat. Its not the story, dialogue, characters or bugs we have a hassle with. Its the fact that you spend time developing these characters, stories and missions, for it to all of a sudden come to a dead end. Not a cliff hanger, just a dead end. To the point of broken. The whole HK droid, GOTO, the Exchange and 10 characters worth of story. Like G0-T0 and the little fella who are waiting to fight it out. Or the relationships that never progress past certain dialogues, and leave the story dead. The fact your team doesnt even come with you at the end, or have any part of it and the only difference between the dark and light is the little video of the escape or not. Play the dark side, right through, as evil as you can and its even more obvious than it is for the light side. There are little side stories you start to investigate as you go, like HK or the other droids that are meant to lead to the droid factory. The whole purpose of HK47 being in the game is for this plot. Watching the verbal cat fights, then all of a sudden the progress stops and no one says anything else. We dont uncover anymore of Madalore's story. It all falls appart just after the return to dantooine and the council, but there are many dead ends as you play through too.
  12. heh. You will find that many forum users do not know the difference between "loose" and "lose". "Loosen up loser" or "Losen up Looser" Press F7 for spell check
  13. Yes very easy. Boss characters have 1 -2 hit deaths and I remain unharmed. This is at level 15/18 - Jedi/master. You can go higher still.
  14. That reply in the NWN forum is very arrogant. You notice how it was stated that apparenly only a minority feel this way. Well to me it seems that almost everyone who has finished it and participates in a forum, here or at lucas forums feels this way. I felt this way even before i read the threads here or that gamespy article. The very young kids who play it on their xbox, who play it because it has light sabers wont know, as they wont understand most the story. Its the people that bought it for the story that are upset. I actually made a post about this subject in the LucasForums, then someone pointed me to here and the gamespy article that said pretty much exactly what i was saying. Along with almost everyone else who have finished. I enjoyed this game a great deal, until it all of a sudden went no where, about half way through. Dead end after dead end, then the ending which was quick, easy and didnt tell us anything about our start on this massive quest to save the galaxy once more. Instead, now I am listening to dialogue found in the install directory, to get the rest of the story that they left out. Yes many games suffer from not being completed or not having certain content, but this is simply unfinished. The story you spend time developing in the RPG goes no where. Which turns it into no more than a shooter. Those characters you spend time developing through the game have no use at the end. They are simply forgotten about. Its like watching a 2 part TV show, then never seeing the second episode. The community knows the content is almost there. So tellling us that it was never planned to have an ending isnt going to work. Even the worlds seem unfinished. With a lack of population and life. Background scenery isnt the best quality and quests that barely work. Quality is down from KOTOR1, that is for certain. This is why there are all the threads about this subject and all the others asking for story explanations. Personally i dont care for NWN, so i dont care if that gets finished or not. I care about what i pay for and what I expect to get for my money.
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