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Is there anybody registerd in the kotor1 forum?

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I didn't know that there was a KOTOR 1 forum.

Go to bioware!

Do you already have kotor1? Yes? Then go in your programs on messageboard ( windows-start, programs, lucasarts, knights of the old republic, bioware messageboard) :rolleyes:


Oh! That forum. I forgot all about it. I thought he was talking about Obsidian. I am registered in the Bioware forums. My screenname there is BillyBob83.

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I'm under the same username at the Bioware boards, but i haven't posted there for about 6 months.

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Same name in the BioWare forums. Never posted much though. I thought the KotOR forums would be somewhat the NWN forums, but it was just people asking about the storyline or comparing builds. It got boring fast. Also, the moderators in the KotOR forums locked every third thread over technicalities, while leaving the ones with blatant spoilers in the specifically non-spoiler forum open. I didn't get it. In the NWN forums, which I still visit often (also under the same name), the moderators only lock appropriate threads, and the atmosphere is better. There's also the fact that there's a variety of topics being discussed there.

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I'm Naso1234 I think, the guy who was always complaining about how the thing didn't work and bioware never did anything. Seems it did turn out to be ATI's fault, as they showed A YEAR later, but Bioware was still not very nice or helpful about things and still had plenty of bugs beyond that.......

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