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  1. Too late, haha. To the OP: yes, that was the end. K2 was pushed out after (I believe) 12 months of development, and as a result, much of the end-game content was cut. As said, there is a restoration project that has been going on for some time, and it will hopefully make the ending much better than the "official" one. They'd certainly have a difficult time making it worse.
  2. I definitely did not like swoop racing in K2. Especially on the PC, it was very unpolished and broken. More frustration than it was worth.
  3. If you haven't cleaned your disk drive in a while try doing that, if you can't seem to find scratches, etc. on your disk.
  4. Technically you can't beat Sion at all because of his regeneration. If you're on Korriban, as said, just leave because that's what will end up happening anyway. If you're on Malachor, you still can't beat him the conventional way. As you may have noticed, every time you get him down close to zero health, he regenerates and a conversation is triggered. Sion is convinced that he is more powerful than you because of his powerful connection to the Force which allows him to continue to survive. You must convince him that since you were able to let go of the Force and survive, regaining your connenction later you are ultimately more powerful, because the Force is not a crutch to you as it is to him. Eventually he'll realize that his existence is futile if he's only being sustained through the Force and not on his own, which is actually quite weak. He will then let go of the Force, and subsequently die, because that was the only thing keeping him alive in the first place.
  5. KotOR 1 was also a single-player only game, and that was almost flawless. It's not even that Obsidian didn't have the time (which they didn't) but that KotOR is a series that isn't really conducive to a multiplayer experience. It's a story-driven game, and having to tell the story from multiple perspectives would be a daunting task, to say the least.
  6. Yes, I looked at the screenshot. Yes, it is different, but as I said before, Battle Meditation is no longer unique to Bastila, so although I don't know where you found it, it's irrelavent, because it's obviously not used.
  7. I did a quick scan through the examples given and didn't see this one, but sorry if I missed it. No one actually ever says Visas's name. You somehow just know it instinctually.
  8. I don't know where you got that from. In K2, Battle Meditation is a power that the PC can select. It is no longer unique to Bastila.
  9. Hence the "glitch". That lens didn't spawn in the proper area, so I never got it, so he wouldn't let me build a lightsaber even though I found other lenses.
  10. I hated having to run back and forth to the cantina to some guy to the cantina again to some guy to the cantina to...you get it. The Royal Palace was not very well designed. It was way to confined for the type of building it was supposed to be. The sky ramp was just stupid. It had you charging up this wide path, and you just had to kill everything in your way. No thought at all. Go up until you get to the top. Overall, Onderon was not very well designed in my opinion. Dxun was much better.
  11. At first I thought his backstory was going to be one of the more interesting ones, but it ended very quickly, and there wasn't much past the original conversation. More often than not, my only conversation option with him was "Never mind." That got really annoying. I also wanted a conversation option to tell him to speak up. That whispery voice of his really got on my nerves. It was like talking to a bellows. On a couple of my runthroughs, he also had what may have been the most annoying glitch of all time. No matter how many lightsaber components I collected, he always said that I was missing a lens, and wouldn't let me build a lightsaber. :angry: I even used a savegame editor to give myself every lens in the game, but he still said I was missing one. Clearly then I used said savegame editor to give myself the lightsaber I should have been able to make, but that was just really annoying. Plus, his conversation options were stuck at asking if I had all the lightsaber parts and "Never mind" for the rest of the game. In short, I thought that Bao-Dur's character had quite a bit of potential, but was underdeveloped in terms of backstory, and I ended up finding him annoying because of his voice. That glitch didn't help either.
  12. This topic has been discussed over and over and over and, well, you get the picture. It is generally believed that the biggest problem was that Obsidian was unable to finish the game due to LA's time constraints. Some people of course believe otherwise, but LA is usually the target of blame. As such, it is really unnecessary to have this poll, and it will probably be locked due to people using it to flame each other. BTW: it's LA's fault.
  13. You weren't able to get it initially, but since you lost one of the bombs, the need is great enough that you're able to risk it.
  14. As said before, the choice of classes is based on your alignment. The three Jedi prestige classes are equivalent to the three Sith ones: Jedi Weaponmaster = Sith Marauder Jedi Watchman = Sith Assassin Jedi Master = Sith Lord The equivalent classes are the same type, just different names and slightly different abilities depending on your alignment. The Weaponmaster/Marauder extends the Guardian class. The Watchman/Assassin extends the Sentinel class. The Master/Lord extends the Consulor class. However, you can mix them if you want. If you're a Consulor, you obviously focus more on use of the Force. You can switch to Weaponmaster/Marauder to focus more on melee combat if you want. It's all a matter of personal preference. If I've made any mistakes here, please correct me. It's been a little while since my last playthrough, and may have gotten the classes mixed up.
  15. Hmmm...this never happened to me before. I usually do Onderon/Duxn second, but I always get Visas by then. Try exiting the Ebon Hawk and re-entering to see if that triggers the message.
  16. The only thing that's different is the character model. He still works the same. It's kind of wierd, because when he fights, he'll ususally just sit there and damage points will appear over the enemy's head. As you undoubtedly saw from the screenshot above, the force powers that have a visual component still work spectacularly. It's especially funny when the Force Lightning (or Storm or whatever) comes out of the gizka's mouth.
  17. You can do this for other characters in your party too, not just Exile. The joy of turning Disciple into a gizka has been discussed on these forums before.
  18. I don't have a side that I usually play first, but I have no problems playing either way. For most RPGs I can decide beforehand what type of character to roleplay, and then do it. If I pick DS, I'll be malicious and cruel-hearted, always looking out for myself first. If I pick LS, I'll be kind and helpful, thinking of my companions. In general, I like the Force powers that DS gets better (Storm, Kill, Crush, etc.) but I like the LS story better. I find that a lot of the DS options are just being a petty thug, which seems kind of stupid. I'd rather play the evil mastermind, manipulating others to do my will than the thug that kills anyone who disagrees with them. I guess I like playing LS better because it gives a better story and a better roleplaying experience, but DS can be a lot of fun too, and I have no problems roleplaying an evil character.
  19. In terms of sheer power it would be Exile. It's kind of hard to compare though, since Exile has access to more levels, feats, and Force powers. That kind of tips the balance in his favor. If they were equal in terms of feats, powers, etc. it would come down to strategy, and then Revan would probably win.
  20. No offense, but this post is pointless. I do notice that one misguided soul chose an earlier release date, but anyone who has half a brain will choose a longer development time for a flawless game.
  21. No, it doesn't. Even if you disregard the age problem and the backstory problem (which would be stupid, because they answer your question) think about the names. Why would Dustil Onasi change both his first and last names to become Atton Rand? It just doesn't make sense. Besides, if you selected a DS Revan, he/she might have killed Dustil in K1, so it wouldn't work anyway.
  22. That isn't possible. Your xbox live account is stored as a file on your xbox hard drive, it isn't just a user name and password. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> what do u mean?? and can i download the extra context with out using xbox live????? and for kotor1 if i download that stuff will i be able to use the level up glitch or do they fix them please answer <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's pretty funny. No one in their right mind would let you use their Xbox account to download something, if only for the simple reason that they don't know you. They pay for their Xbox Live, and I know that if I had an Xbox and Xbox Live, I wouldn't let anyone I don't know use it. As to the rest, you need your own Xbox Live account to download the extra content. And yes, you do need Xbox Live.
  23. Perhaps this is best suited to the spoilers forum.
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