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  1. HI. I need some help to find the last bomb on the ravanger. I've killed the sith lord, but can't get plant the last bomb. Were is it ?
  2. Yes, she is the one inside Khoonda. I believe you have to talk to her and find out about Vrook. That is where you get the quest to look for him, I think. After you find out he is not in the sub-level, you have to go back to the crystal cave. In the one cavern you will see a group of mercenaries and Vrook in a cage. Before you finish the sub-level, no one will be there. After you talk to Vrook, you can either side with him (lightside) or kill him/imprison him in the cage (darkside). After that, mercenaries will confront you outside the cave. That's where you can either choose to fight against them or side with them. That is where the whole "Battle for Khoonda" starts. Hope that isn't too confusing. That should help. If it doesn't, keep asking. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thanks a lot you have really been of big help:D , I hope this should help
  3. I've done everything exept battled khoonda. how do I do that <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Welcome to the boards. First off, did you 1. Talk to the governor about Vrook? 2. Clear out the Jedi Enclave's sub-level yet? 3. Clear out the crystal cave? 4. Talk to Master Vrook? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Cleared out the Jedi Enclave's sub-level is done Cleared out the crystal cave is done how is the govenor ? is it the one inside khoonda? I don't remeber talking about vrook. Where can I find master vrook? thanks for the help
  4. I've done everything exept battled khoonda. how do I do that
  5. I've assaulted the castle, and blew goto's ship. but I haven't battled in khoonda. how do i do that?
  6. Hello. I have been on every planet and talked to every jedi master(exept for vash on korrion, becouse she's dead). The jedi's say they are going to Dantooine to wait for me. But they ain't there, I wonder what I sould do? or were I should go? Thanks for help
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