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  1. I usually try to increase damage as much as possible. Visa kicked ass on Dxun with a lightsaber constructed to do as much damage as possible.. So much that I had to let my alter ego have it, offcourse!! I can't remember which one it was but there is this one part that lowers your deflection but increases damage. Then I compensate for the loss of deflection and add damage with the crystals.
  2. Is their such a thing as a perfect ethos? What makes you think the Jedi ethos is more righteous then any other? for instance.. Emiel Kant, a german philosopher once described the following situation: You're walking in a dark alley when suddenly turns the corner, running. Then soon after a group bent on killing the fugitive appear asking you where the other man had gone. You're an honest man and as an honest man you have to tell the truth or you'd be going against your own ethos, but then again in being honest you might be responsible for somebody else's death. So how can anybody be 'righteous' 100 percent of the time? There's no perfect philosophy.. Que sera, sera, mon ami.
  3. You forgot AI allies running through minefields to charge at enemies! GRRRR..
  4. I've read in an interview with one of the designers of this game that they chose not to make the game playable as a multiplayer-game because of the complications in having two separate plot lines. Still, having played through about half the game, I've come up with a way that it might be done. Why not allow the player to play another character? Mandalore's quest to reunite the mandalorians would make an excellence subplot and there has to be a way to make the main story line interact with the Mandalore's agenda. Mandalore could for instance take advantage of the disarray on Oberon to launch a new attack, while hunting for the exile as the 'bad guy'. So, maybe the game could be played as a duel. I understand this would be complicated, but don't you think it could be done? What do you think? Also it would be nice just to be able to play Mandalore or another character in the game instead of the Jedaai...
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