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  1. *Takes deep breath* Okay, I probably overreacted with that last post, but I had my reasons. Originally, my main question was why Nur was so worried that another character had had the name Malak. Most of the Sith Lords names originated somewhere, and many had been used before, if in other forms. Perhaps my question was poorly written or poorly interpreted, but Nur proceeded to call me a childish noob who lacked the intelligence to comprehend the plot of KotOR. This stemmed from my comment that KotOR was a good game regardless of whether the name Malak had been used before. I thought this comment by Nur was completely unnecessary and uncalled for. He also said that as a noob, I must have missed all the previous discussions about KotOR's plot flaws. Again, I did not say anything about the plot at all in my original post, just that KotOR was a good game in my opinion. He failed to realize that there are KotOR forums over at BioWare, where this has been discussed frequently by many, including me. The final straw was when he demanded respect for having many many posts on these forums. To me, that was a sign of total insecurity. Everyone's opinion deserves respect regardless of who it comes from. The fact that he needed to point to his post count to try and gain respect did not help his standing in my eyes. I understand that he knows more than SW about me, but that does not mean that my opinion is invalid. Hopefully Nur will be able to see that I have a point as well (and that point is what I intended, and that he doesn't botch the interpretation like he did about KotOR's plot) and we can leave it at that. I'm not trying to disprove him. Yes, the name Malak has been used before. Many characters in many games have unoriginal names. That does not make the developer unoriginal, or affect the gameplay in any way. Hopefully this will be the last I have to say on the subject: True the name Malak has been used before, but it does not take away from the gameplay of KotOR, nor is it the first time a name has been adopted into a game.
  2. I never said there was anything wrong with posting in the General Discussion. I was just wondering why you cared that a character in some 60s cartoon had the name Malak, and why you posted it in a KotOR II forum instead of a KotOR I forum. Who the f*** do you think you are calling me a childish newbie? True, the storyline was cheesy. The twists were so obvious that you didn't even have to meet the characters to figure out what their twists were going to be. If I was baffled by the KotOR storyline, it's news to me. But obviously, you, whom I've never met, know me better than I know myself just because you've got more posts than me. Oh, BTW, I have participated in many discussions about the flaws of the KotOR storyline, but, for some unknown reason, these discussions were located in the KotOR I forums over at BioWare. I have noticed that you're curiosuly absent from these forums, so again, your clairvoyance amazes me. Or maybe you just missed something, not me. You also seem to have missed the fact that I was merely saying that I enjoyed KotOR. I did not say anything about the quality of the plot. I simply said that it was a good game and enjoyed it. Just so you know, I really couldn't care less how many posts you have in these forums. It in no way lends respect to your opinions. That is not saying that I don't respect your opinions. Everyone is entitled to their own. Including me. All I'm saying is that having more posts in the KotOR II forums does not lend any added significanct to your opinions.
  3. Never read them. Saw them once, and forgot they existed until reading this post.
  4. Ummm...I'm not quite sure what to think of your post. My only thought is, "no". There is no need for a force power that changes how a character looks. If there's any other benefit to this power you mentioned, it was lost in your ramblings.
  5. Couldn't agree more. But it still is an exploit. (If you exploit it, you must be in really bad shape -- punching above your weight or running around Taris without levelling up in order to have more Jedi levels before the level 20 cap ... oh, that's another exploit, isn't it? ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'd consider that more of a strategy than an exploit. It's up to the user to decide what character build they want. If they want a weaker character now to trade for a stronger one later, that's their choice. This is especially effective if choosing the Consular Jedi class. A Consular with 16 Jedi levels is virtually untouchable.
  6. With that little comment, you just proved yourself to be the largest dumbass of us all. I'll attempt to explain this to you. The transit system was intended to allow you to return to the ship quickly from a long distance away to avoid long stretches of simply walking back. However, using the transit system also healed your entire party. This was added because if you were transiting back to the EH, chances are you were going to another planet, or going to walk around in the town nearby. It was assumed that you could be healed, because you'd probably use the Force otherwise, and why not just make things less of a hassle for the user right? No exploits thus far. This is the exploit: the transit system can be used during combat to heal your party while fighting a tough opponent or group. If you survive the encounter, you could also transit to the EH, heal, and transit back in about 10 seconds and continue your quest unscathed. This was not the intended use of the transit system. It effectively grants the party immortality. Since this use of the transit system was not intended by the developers, it is considered an exploit, despite the fact that its means were deliberately placed in the game by the developers. If you need any further clarification, please, hesitate to ask. I'm sure a little thinking on your part would have rendered this post unnecessary.
  7. Just out of curiosity, why do you care? Most character names and such in games, TV shows, etc. have a root in something. This is especially true with Sith names in the SW universe. Anyone with a "Darth" preceeding their name usually has a second name that is significant in some way. Since nothing in that universe would actually be significant to us, it is usually significant in some way to something in our world. A second question: why are you posting this here? This, if you haven't noticed, is the discussion for Kotor II, not KotOR. If you have a problem with BioWare's use of names, why don't you go complain about it on their forums? I doubt it will actually accomplish anything, but it will have a better chance than a post here. As a side note, KotOR was a great game, and BioWare definately came through on that one. They have also made some other good games. It really doesn't bother me if they got the name from an obscure cartoon from the 60s (although I doubt that's where it came from). The game was good, and that's that.
  8. A very good point. Half-life 2 began development in 1997-98, as soon as Half-life was released. Even without the source code theft, it would have been at least six years in development. As it is, it spent 7-8 years in development, and look at the enthusiasm with which it was embraced. It was probably the most anticipated game of all time. Based on this example alone, I would say that a franchise such as KotOR could stand the test of time, and KotOR III would still be well received even if it spent such a time in development.
  9. Not bad Obsidian, bad Lucasarts. Also, it was kind of an exploit in KotOR 1. There were many times that you could just transit back to the EH or Hideout to heal your party and transit back right away. I definately agree that it should have been implemented anyway. I would have loved to have the transit system anyway, since it would have allowed you to avoid those long walks back. Agreed on that point.
  10. Personally, I'd love for Jade Empire to be ported to the PC. It's gotten great reviews across the board, but I'm not about to buy an Xbox to play it.
  11. I noticed that you recognized that your post contained a spoiler. Even the title was a spoiler, since it revealed that you believed there was no way to spare Luxa, which reveals that there is a character named Luxa, whom you kill. Given this, I am dumbfounded as to why you wouldn't post in the spoilers forum. That forum is clearly marked, and identical to this one, except that you can post spoilers there. The lack of common sense in posting this thread here is astonishing.
  12. You can find a guide that tells you what situations give you influence with which character at gamefaqs.com.
  13. I hope to God that KOTOR3 does not reuse this dated, old, dull looking and bloody buggy engine, that STILL runs like crap on top systems. Dated and old, the engine is. You are correct. However, you fail to realize that it only looks dull in comparison to most games today. When K1 came out, the engine looked brilliant. Buggy, the engine is not. K1 is almost flawless. It was the lack of debugging by Obsidian (due to time constraints by LA) that caused K2 to be so buggy, not the engine itself. I only have a mid-range system, and K1 runs flawlessly on my machine. It does not run anything like crap. Only K2 does at some points, but again, that's because of the time constraints of LA rather than the engine itself. Not that I am holding my breath much for KOTOR3, Can't even make headways into KOTOR2. Well, that's your opinion. Many people have finished K2 many times. Anyone else agree that everything else aside, this engine just sucks? Poor graphics, poor performance, and buggy. And can you say lack of any cinematic sequences? Every time someone says "Here let me help you with that...", you just black out and gain something. Its pathetic. Obviously there's something wrong with your computer. The engine is outdated, but it is stable. Again, the graphics are only poor in comparison to today's graphics. They were great when K1 came out. The engine gives good performance and a bug-free experience if there is enough time to debug. Also, who really needs a cinematic experience for building your lightsaber? Do you really need to watch yourself build it in a cutscene? It sounds like you have ridiculously high standards. If things like that were put in cutscenes, there would be even more bugs in K2, and you'd be complaining even more. The game is an RPG. It's not supposed to have state-of-the-art graphics or amazing cutscenes. The plot is what's important in an RPG. You've just got to appreciate the game for what it is, and not expect it to be something it's not. *Edit: the quoting didn't work properly, so the quotes are now in bold.
  14. Recently after a bout of KotOR II I was later surprised that real life didn't have choppy sound, and that the character animations were so smooth. No lag at all. Not like the game. Especially on Onderon. Iziz is the only portion of the game (at least for me) when the game is so choppy it becomes almost unplayable. I guess that part wasn't debugged too well.
  15. You'll get different conversations with people, and have events turn out in slightly different ways, depending on how you play. I'd highly recommend playing both.
  16. None that I know of. There could be game secrets though...
  17. I believe that the Visas cutscene is tied to your alignment. IIRC, you'll get the cutscene around the time when you gain 25% toward either LS or DS. I'm not sure if the cutscene will only trigger when there's others, or when you're entering a new location, or what. But I do believe that you need to be 25% either way to trigger the cutscene. So basically it depends on how fast you can be good or bad. It also means that it's possible to never get Visas, or a prestige class.
  18. Wow. Your work is ridiculously good. Do you think that if you have the time you could get around to drawing the rest of the characters from both Revan's and Exile's crew? I'd be very interested to see your depictions of the rest of the characters. Your artwork is very, very good. Good luck on your further efforts.
  19. The game is also flawed, not flaud. As deeply concerned as I am with regards to your plight with Obsidian and Lucasarts, what makes you think we care that you're returning the game? It does not affect any of our lives at all. Yes, you're disappointed, we know. Join the club. Most people who bought the game are disappointed in some way, present company included. Why didn't you just post in one of the other 73,294 posts that are complaining about the game instead of making a new one? Personally, I've gotten over the many flaws and seen K2 for what it is: a good game that could have been great. Regardless of it's shortcomings, it is still a good game, and it's worth keeping around.
  20. More of an exploit than a bug: After you spar with Handmaiden, you can put some clothes on and ask her to do the same. She'll put on the robe she got from her mother. If you then exit the conversation and go to the equip screen, you can remove her robe. Again, she's wearing nothing. If you ask her to put some clothes on again, she will, but it will be a second copy of the robe. If you repeat the process, you'll get a 3rd robe. This can be done indefinately. The best part is, each robe sells for about 2200 credits, or something like that, so it's a great source of quick cash.
  21. I'm not sure what you mean. Why would this be a cry for help? The topic is simply a fun way to realize how references from KotOR have found their way into everyday life. It's a sign of how good the game is when you're thinking of it enough to see references in the real world. It sounds to me like you're not playing your game hard enough. If you can't relate to any of these posts, or see the humor, or realize that it's all in fun (and most certainly not a cry for help) then you must not be a true KotOR fan.
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