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  1. The previews I have read so far say you get to choose whether you play on the light side or dark side. They say nothing about telling whether you played LS or DS in KotOR 1, or whether this will have an influence on KotOR 2. Again, perhaps you could direct me to one of these previews that I haven't read, instead of saying, "You're wrong!" without providing any evidence to back it up. I would be glad to be shown that I was wrong, and that, in fact, there is something out there about Revan's fate, but you haven't shown it to me. You also misunderstand me about the cutscene. By no means did I suggest that Revan should die. It simply stands to reason that if Revan is not an active character in KotOR 2 (which I have seen no evidence of, unless, again, I'm missing a preview) then he's obviously not around anymore. KotOR 2 takes place only 5 years after KotOR 1, so the hero/villan of KotOR 1 wouldn't just drop off the face of the galaxy in that time. I'm simply assuming that Revan probably died in that time. It's the easiest and most logical explanation. I simply illustrated the cutscene idea using this theory. If Revan became a hermit in the Outer Rim, show a cutscene that depicts it. I really don't care--I was just saying that there should be a cutscene to explain what happened to Revan, and was using my theory of his death as an example. And please, don't use your personal opinions to try and make me feel bad about what I posted. The fact that you don't like the idea of Revan dying will in no way affect how I feel about my posts. If you're trying to make me feel guilty that I thought Revan could die in a cutscene, or just bitter that I thought of it first, please don't try to make me feel bad about it. It's obvious that you misunderstood the entire post anyway, and that you'd rather gloat over the fact that you (apparently) know where it says something about the fate of Revan and express your personal distaste with my ideas than actually provide some information that might lead me in the right direction. Please provide some of this information you apparently possess, guybrush, or stop posting in my thread.
  2. I wonder if some of the questions asked reflect situations in the game or are they just teaser questions. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe they want you to think about this. It could be like some sort of psychological device that they use to try to sell more copies of the game. You might buy the game just because you want to see if there's any relationship between the web site questions and the actual storyline. Chances are you'll buy it anyway, but maybe you'll buy it faster. Who knows?
  3. I see. Unfortunately, I'm not signed up at the LucasArts web site. I'll continue to poke around, and see if I can find something. Thanks for letting me know that it is out there.
  4. I have in fact read many previews. I take it from your extremely snide comment that there is, heaven forbid, one that I haven't. I also take it that this one explains something about how Revan's fate will be determined. Perhaps, instead of making obnoxious and gloating comments, guybrush, you could provide a link to this site so I could be enlightened. Otherwise keep your comments to yourself.
  5. There should definately be something that says what happened to Revan (your character from KotOR 1, obviously) between KotOR 1 and 2. Perhaps a choice at the beginning of the game that says something like: 1. I finished KotOR on the Light Side. 2. I finished KotOR on the Dark Side. and depending on what you pick, you get a cutscene that shows what happened. The cutscenes would probably play out as follows: LS: Revan is killed in the battle against the new Sith Lords. DS: Revan is overthrown and killed by the new Sith Lords. but it would still be nice to see this. Not only would it be interesting to see how it played out, but it would also bridge the gap between KotOR 1 and 2, which always adds a lot to a sequal. I'd love to see if the rest of you agree, and I'd like to see an indication from the administrators as to whether or not this is a possibility.
  6. Lightsabers caused blood twice in the movies: 1. Obi-wan cut off that guy's arm in the cantina (episode iv, not ii). 2. Luke cut off the snow monster's arm. Both of these times there was blood from the wound, albiet not much, in keeping with the PG rating. The fact remains, lightsabers can cause blood.
  7. Let me see...I've registered on the developer's site, am playing KotOR 1 a lot, going to the KotOR 2 site a lot, and posting in the discussion forum of a game that isn't even out yet. Yup, I'm excited.
  8. Importing your character would be cool, but in this case it's not possible. Your character is Revan, remember? You're most certainly not Revan in KotOR 2. I think it would be really cool if you could choose how you ended KotOR 1 and it affected how KotOR 2 played out. I doubt this will happen though. There better be an explanation of what happened to him, though! Maybe you could choose how you ended KotOR 1 and there would be a different cutscene explaining what happened to him depending on your answer.
  9. I think you might be right. I mean, Korriban gives an extremely high DS reaction, and Dantooine an extremely high LS reaction. If it doesn't portray what you'll face in terms of choices, it probably portrays the overall feeling of the planet. Same thing with the characters. Of course, this is also speculation on my part.
  10. I'll probably be using various melee weapons until I get a lightsaber, then just use that. I find that ranged weapons in KotOR just aren't worth it. They don't do that much damamge, and you miss much more often than with melee combat. It's also much cooler to have a lightsaber dual face-to-face than a blaster shootout across the room, when you're both just standing there.
  11. I guess Malak didn't destroy it as well as he thought. I'm a little nervous about going back. It would be extremely easy to slip into the mold created by KotOR 1, thus making it a boring repeat of the original. If they make it different, and add new features, it could be fun. I just don't want it to be exactly like KotOR 1, where you go, talk with the Jedi Council a lot, and learn the Force through a cutscene. A little more interaction with your Force education would be interesting, as long as it's not tedious and over-the-top.
  12. Didn't hear about KotOR until after it came out...heard it was good...played it...and then found out about Revan.
  13. This would pose a problem in the SW universe. Unarmed combat could not do too well against energy weapons, such as lightsabers and blasters. An unarmed character would have to have a ridiculously high DEX so they would be able to dodge almost all incoming energy attacks. True, characters with only blasters aren't that good against incoming bolts or lightsabers either, but these were low-level characters in KotOR 1, who became Jedi, and were thus able to counter energy attacks. There would also have to be an advantage to having unarmed attacks. If you're a Jedi, you would use a lightsaber. If not, there needs to be an advantage to being unarmed over using, say, a viroblade. Neither unarmed nor viroblade-using characters would be able to deflect blaster bolts (though viroblades can block lightsabers in KotOR 1!) so I would always use a viroblade, just because it seems more condusive to higher damage.
  14. True, but I still think it would be easier to have the forum take you to the page you were reading after you made a post. It's not a necessity, it just would be nice.
  15. This is true of most forums that I have used in the past. After you post a topic and return to the forum that you were reading (presumably to look for another topic to read and/or post in) you are returned to the first page of forum threads. Now, if the topic you just posted in was on the 5th page of threads, for example, that presumes that you've read the threads on the first 4 pages. Now you have to manually go back to the 5th page to continue reading topics. I find this an annoying component of forums. I think that it would be extremely useful if after you made a post, you were returned to the page where you just were so you could easily continue reading (a post from the 5th page brings you back to the 5th page after the post is done). This would save a lot of scrolling through the pages, and I think others would agree that this would be helpful. Of course, I don't even know if this is possible, or realistic. This could take a ridiculous amount of work, and/or code, and be a royal pain you-know-where. If it's not possible, or just not worth the effort, please let me know. This is a perfectly good excuse. But if it is possible, also please let me know, and concider implementing my suggestion. Thanks.
  16. I was just wondering about the fate of Darth Revan. Obviously, you're him in KotOR, whether you take DS or LS. Does anyone know if Revan will be incorporated in any way into KotOR 2? If you went DS in 1, then it would make sense that Revan would still be the Lord of the Sith in 2 (and you'd just play another Jedi), but how would that work if you went LS? I guess another Dark Lord would have just taken over, and there would have been more time elapsed between 1 and 2. This has no real point, and probably not much relavance to the new KotOR, but I was just wondering about it. It could lead to some interesting developments, though, if Obsidian picks up on it. Of course, they may have thought of it first.
  17. Notice also that the game is in fact titled Knights of the Old Republic. This in itself implies that there is/was a "New Republic" as well, or at least a newer one. That means that there's more than one Republic, and the old one obviously came first.
  18. A Jedi would not use a blaster. As said, blasters are crude weapons. Jedi choose lightsabers out of necessity to have a weapon to defend themselves. They only use it as an offensive tool if necessary. Also, they are looked upon as superior to those who use blasters because the lightsaber is a graceful weapon. They use them with skill and finesse, and those not trained in their use are more likely to injure themselves than anyone else...as opposed to plasters, which anyone who can grip a gun can use.
  19. there has to be some point to the hoods; if not, then why should the devs include them? i mean, just because they look cool?!? if all npcs react the same to you, no matter if you have your hood up or down, then what's the point? pleaaaase; i would rather have a few extra quests or places to visit then. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> There could be a point to the hoods. Perhaps the hoods could help you to disguise your identity. This could be especially helpful for LS characters, who want to use violence as a last resort. If they pulled up their hoods and used Force Persuade, perhaps they could accomplish tasks without the need for fighting. As I recall, the original KotOR still rewarded XP even if the task was not done through destructive means. The idea of hoods as a disguise could help to further the LS experience. DSers could pull up their hoods to look sinister and stuff like that. Not as useful, perhaps, but it might be cool anyway.
  20. I honestly don't believe that any RPG will be made with no plot twists at all. Come on, people. No plot twists would make the story much less entertaining. People want to be surprised. If averything was predictable, then there wouldn't be much fun in continuing the story, now would there?
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