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  1. I played KOTOR 1, and was a big fan, then i finally got around to playing KOTOR 2 a few weeks ago, and then i reached the end. Is that really the ending? I mean -- what happens to the droids outside? Did Kreia just .. die? was that it? I mean was that all? Why go to all the trouble of developing your team mates persona, just to have them removed from the end game completely? Is it just me with a broken version of the game that got shipped without anything that looks like a proper ending? Please someone tell me, that some games got shipped without a proper ending by mistake or something? If its really the intended ending, is there anyway to get your money back, if I show up with my game, receipt, box and manual and say... please please please, give me my money back, or is there somewhere I can donate a large amount of money to get the developers to create a "Fix/patch" that includes the actual, non/odd storyless ending? And yes, by this time its properly old news, I've seen other people complain about the ending too, but i simply cannot find any official statement on why the game ending seems to be, well, missing, really?
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