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  1. I would love for Jolee to be back, but if Revan was evil then he's dead and hed be too old anyways. So I voted for Bastila.
  2. that sounds a little like Luke in ANH. I mean your parents die and your sent to an outer rim world iwth your force hating uncle.
  3. this is just my two cents but 1. Massive Jedi/Dark Jedi vs True Sith battles 2. More indepth romances 3. Cutscenes that show stuff about the character's past 4. The choice of starting out/joining a sith or jedi academy 5. Start as an apprentice and have your master killed or something while you are off on some planet taking your trials 6. New ship 7. More depth to the party members like Kreia, some of you probably didn't like Kreia but she was a well written character IMO
  4. not that i know of, as far as i know the only thing that affects which ending you get is if you killed the council or not.
  5. i always thought we couldnt trust lucasarts, those damn bastards.
  6. only clothes and a melee weapon which means along the lines of a sword or lightsaber. i always just use a vibroblade or something useless. so i dont have to bother looting her
  7. its a droid that shows up on your ship in kotor 1 that will let you travel anywhere including taris and endar spire, but you cant get off of taris. i didnt really like the galaxy droid cheat/glitch.
  8. i always prefer light side but thats personal playing preference. GOA is correct though, play dark side at least once and as a woman. otherwise you miss out a lot. if you want you can kill two birds with one stone by playing a darkside woman.
  9. first of all its mandalore and second its hard to choose with these options. i preferred canderous to mandalore but handmaiden over everyone in k1 except canderous bastila and jolee. and jolee is my favorite game character ever so i choose KoTOR 1.
  10. yes he really says that. i also heard that he says he hopes some kid doesnt start using that line
  11. originally darth bane WAS the first darth. (i think darth is actually his first name and later sith took the name to honor him or something) but bioware decided to make their sith which appear 3,000 years before darth bane have the title darth (possibly because in the movies the sith are all darths). so now it is thought that revan and malak were the first darths.
  12. its simple i think for a LS Revan. Zaalbaar had to go become chieften. Either because his father was sick/dying or Revan told him to do the same as Canderous (rally his people to help against the true sith) like others mentioned.
  13. you figured out my secret!! you must die but back on topic when i played through as darkside i laid mines on vrook and by the time i fought the other two it was a joke. i was so much stronger than them it was crazy. also to get nihilus (even though he is EASY) i had visas sacrifice herself on my ds playthrough.
  14. this doesnt seem like enough proof to me but kreia said something about kae being one of revans masters and also in the game it is said that kreia was his one of his masters as well. this also is not proof but i think that it is interesting.
  15. like i already siad i voted for brianna but it was tough for me to choose between her, t3, bao, and kreia. i loved them all. t3 is just a great droid (and useful this time). kreia... best done video game character ive ever seen. bao had a lot of potential and as an old companion to the exile it just seemed natural to me to have him with me a lot. but brianna got my vote because i loved her character and she was really powerful i thought.
  16. Dacen Vorsut. I got the name from a fanfic i read on kotor fan media. I liked the story so i decided to start using the name the writer had for a LS male exile. my first few names i dont remember.
  17. yes you can romance people. for male its handmaiden and visas and i think female is disciple and atton. (i think i heard women can romance visas but im not sure)
  18. did you rush through the game or something? all of these anwers are in the game. And WHY NEUTRAL??? Neutral = NO PRESTIGE CLASSES!! play the game again and dont rush through it. take time and talk to all your party members. go either LS or DS also because the prestige classes are nice.
  19. i always go to Dxun to get Mandalore after Telos and I usually level to 15 on my way to the Mandalorian base.
  20. brianna. handmaiden is one of my favorite female npcs in newer games.
  21. no youre not i love the game too. i for one can get over all the bugs and plot holes and other things and i enjoy this game more than kotor
  22. on onderon im pretty sure you always get Ossus Keeper Robes. and i found that i like the grey jedi robes the best. they look pretty cool to me and the definition sounds exactly like it is defining a ls Exile. something about working as a jedi without following the council or somethin.
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