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  1. Meh, I'll just get the harddrive seperately when MS finally get around to launching Video Marketplace internationally. Because it's only the absolute tech-obsessed who download a ton off of that, and *want* that HDMI port who really are gonna be interested in this system.
  2. Wow, these figures really do show that Intel has finally come around. One question, though; I'm building a Conroe system, but I'm on a budget and don't plan on overclocking, so I don't think I need the insanely highspeed Corsair memory. What is the "normal" RAM to use with Conroe? DDR2-533?
  3. I'm glad NWN2's been delayed. I'd rather they delay it and actually finish the game, than have another KotOR2 fiasco on my hands.
  4. GAME in Denmark, and I assume other countries offer the Collector's Edition of Neverwinter Nights 2 in both a Lawful Good and a Chaotic Evil editon. Lawful Good is bright, beige/yellow, while Chaotic Evil is the dark red seen in the screenshot the OP put up. I'm getting Chaotic Evil (w00t)
  5. Hmm, yes they do look a bit like the ones they used on the old 60's show, don't they?
  6. PC, for the reasons already stated.
  7. Yep, but it will be a while before i start investing in an HDTV. I would never buy one for a console though, i might reconsider when all broadcasts are in HDTV(a 27" costs a whopping 1099
  8. Well to each their own definition, I guess. Personally I judge what an RPG is by the first KotOR; since that was the first game in the genre to really appeal to me. KotOR is pretty much the standard I go by when I judge a game these days; to me it was near the epitome of gaming. I played Planescape: Torment when I found out Obsidian had been given the gig of KotOR2 and PST was right up there with KotOR, I think. Some aspects were better in PST, some were better in KotOR. KotOR2 made me sad because I wasn't able to really find the best of both those worlds in the game, I guess; it was just...un
  9. DAMN U AMERICANS... <_< Uhm, I live in Europe and I picked up both Bloodlines and Half-Life 2 on...November 20th 2004, if memory serves. The first Monday following the release date, at any rate. We got both those games pretty darn close to the US; a week or two at the most. Uhm, back on topic; Congrats, Obsidian. And yes, for all it's flaws TSL was the better candidate; IMHO Jade Empire is a decent action/adventure game but it's not really an RPG. I would have liked it though, if TSL been completed according to the original premise and then won the GOTY awards based
  10. The Xbox version has the exact same bugs as the PC version does, but the PC version is being patched, and the Xbox version never will be. I'd say trade the Xbox version for the PC one.
  11. With all due respect, John: TSL was rushed out for Xbox for the Christmas sales. The RPGVault article states: "In the end, we moved the Xbox ship date by about a month from early November to early December, and we decided to ship all the other versions (PC and international versions) in February 2005. We needed that time to polish and finish up some of the more arduous portions of the game." That argument would have had merit, if the PC and International Xbox versions hadn't been revealed to have exactly the same bugs/issues as the US Xbox version. And in the case of the PC version;
  12. I should point out that in this case the console version of the same game has the exact same bugs and glitches as the PC version. Stop by the Xbox forum, you'll find that the Xbox version runs with a poor framerate and is littered with bugs as well. While I too would prefer my games to work out of the box, at least a PC game *can* be patched, and despite it all; I do believe it will be, with time. Plus: In the case of KotOR2, having the PC version allows you to install alot of cool mods, that can help improve the gaming experience, and restore huge portions of cut material. Material that w
  13. Lol, indeed aurora. This came up on the old Bioware boards a long time ago. And I think the point was made that Bioware gave Bastila's Jennifer's eyes. Seems to fit, as far as I can see. And she really is a terrific voice-actor. The characters she does just scream of life. Part of the reason I adore KotOR so much is because of her voicing.
  14. Mr Urquhart: While I do understand that you as CEO cannot simply dennounce your publisher or the way they do buisiness, this statement does seem like an attempt to defuse a potential volatile situation before it gets to far out of hand. Your previous replies to quiries regarding the cut content made to gamers via emails that were sent to you regarding this issue and which clearly brought up where the storyline leaves everyone hanging seems to contradict what you are saying in your above statement. Furthermore: The sudden disappearence of the thread started by Obsidian co-founder and KotOR
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