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  1. ^This. I can wait on the physical goods if it means I get the latest build on the disc. Both options are going to give you the latest build on the disc. The difference between the options is whether you get the other physical goods at the same time as the disc or earlier. I'd rather it all ship at once, in the box.
  2. ^This. I can wait on the physical goods if it means I get the latest build on the disc.
  3. Been playing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance(GBA) and I'll have Legend of Grimrock 2 waiting at home after I get off work.
  4. I agree with this comment, I would really like to see some grass and trees sway in the breeze. I would add a touch of artistic "realism". The scenery is gorgeous however, even in just a little village, can't wait to see the crazy environments you have come up with in the full game. Could just be the build we're playing but Josh talked about this in a previous update(Update #49). Here's a link to the video.... http://youtu.be/AUleDEFkUtE
  5. Yeah I'm up to 36 and it has been flying by. Although apparently once you hit 50 you still level quite a bit, they just call them Veteran Ranks. That's crazy, we're both going at the same pace.....I just hit 37 last night. Not sure how I'm going to feel about quest grinding for veteran ranks at 50. Sure, you get to experience the other factions stories and what not but I'd rather get VR doing PvP in Cyrodiil but I've been told that is not an efficient way of doing it. I have a friend who hit 50, spent 2 weeks getting to VR2 and quit because he got bored.
  6. Slowly making my way to 50 in Elder Scrolls Online and when I'm not playing that I've been playing Final Fantasy X(Vita) remake and MVP Baseball 2005(XBOX).
  7. I've been playing it. Any free time I get has gone into ESO this past week and I'm really enjoying it. Sure, there are bugs, like random horse dismounting, phasing issues, mail issues but stuff like this is typical with MMO launches. Playing on the Aldmeri Dominion alliance and been splitting time between a Bosmer/Nightblade and a Breton/Sorcerer. Really digging both classes and I probably should pick one and stick with it but it's hard lol! I'm just now doing quests in Auridon and both my characters are approaching level 10. Really like the pacing of the game too! It's slower than
  8. Personally, I prefer a subscription based model for any MMO I play. I think F2P with cash shops dumbs down the whole experience because the best looking gear, mounts, etc. is all purchasable through a virtual store and not obtainable through questing, dungeons or crafting. I'd rather pay $15 per month to have access to all that content through gameplay mechanics.
  9. Final beta weekend coming up, March 14-16. If anyone is interested in trying this out and needs a key, I have a few extras.
  10. I've decided to play ESO after this last beta weekend event and actually pre-ordered the imperial edition on Sunday night. Initially, I had no interest in playing because the game uses tradition Elder Scrolls/FPS controls, which I really don't like in MMO's. All the MMO's I've played in the last 10 years(WoW, Lotro, FFXIV, SWTOR, GW2) all have mouse friendly UI's and control options. That's the way I prefer to play and I'm the most comfortable with. Sure, its a preference thing and doesn't mean ESO sucks but its just something I don't like. So, when I did my first beta weekend event i
  11. Playing Final Fantasy XIV. Pretty fun so far! My conjurer just his level 23 and I opened up the first Primal battle. Story has been decent but I love the gameplay. Being able to switch classes by swapping out weapons is cool and the crafting system is also very involved which is a nice change from the norm.
  12. I'm in the same boat you are...but I had to throw a little money at this project. Oh well, guess its the dollar menu tonight!
  13. They need to add Mythic Entertainment in with that group. For being a couple of Doctors they weren't very smart to not see this coming. Oh well, I'm sure they made themselves quite a bit of money and really don't care if Bioware is now associated with a pile of dung.
  14. Man, I really hope this still gets implemented even if they don't hit the 2mil mark. I want my own castle, damnit! =)
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