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  1. I say it was on level footing with the original, for the same reasons KOTORFanactic stated. But I liked k1 more because of you're character. I found an actual backstory to Revan, then the Exile.
  2. If I can trade in my current copy for a better "Director's Cut" sure. But I'm not going to waste $40 on it, I'll wait until they make a KOTOR III
  3. Both. I liked the little Revelation video aboard the Leviathan, when you found out about your past. That would've been perfect type of ending for KOTOR II.
  4. In the art one Canderous looks younger and the wookie looks like one of those midget dogs with all the long hair. Still good, both of them.
  5. It depends, which one you like better. I heard the PC has an awkward interface. But the graphics are better.I myself would go with the XBOX, because I don't like using the keyboard for moving characters. That and I don't have a gaming computer.
  6. You don't need them, with a good pair of gloves, head gear, and a good belt you can make an super character.
  7. Who says the HK Factory is in the guide? What do you have in your pipe?
  8. Enter the conspiracy theorists who will say that Lucasarts gave them instructions to release a buggy XBox version so that consumers would have to buy both XBox and PC copies. XBox in time for Christmas, then PC when everything is "fixed". <{POST_SNAPBACK}> For some reason I think your right. !
  9. So there's like four Sith Lords? Anybody know what Nhilius looks like under the mask? ---- In the guide, it has Atris as Darth Traya, and then on the last (wakthrough)page of the manual, if you look at the ingame pictures her, Kreia is also Darth Traya.[
  10. I'm getting the game, along with the free guide at Target. I hope the guide is has some good picture.
  11. I agree. Dark or light , dark or light.. Neutral please.
  12. Do you live under a rock? SpikeTV is the 'man network' This is the second year of their awards show. But last year, Madden '04 won game of the year so, err.
  13. Who was the Mandalore after the Mandalorian wars? Isn't Mandalore the title of their like 'king,' or something?
  14. Everybody is so Halo-Whipped. And that game is like any other FPS, decent. If the guy who reviewed this game is from the video preview, the one with the curly hair? I don't like him, he seemed like an uptight @$$ in the preview video. "Opinions are like a$$holes, everybody's got one"
  15. Have you guys ever listened too yourselfs? All you do is whine. "Screw xbox this, xbox blows, let it burn in hell." Your like ten year olds with an attitude problem. Go do something constructive with yourselfs. Any way, I've got to wait atleast another week before I get the game. Gotta save up.
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