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  1. Cut off the funds now. That ends the war and the troops must be brought back home. The idea that it's somehow congresses fault if the troops are left in the field with no funds is the dumbest thing around, congress can't run the war maybe but it sure can end it. If the troops are left out there once funding is cut it's dubya's fault and in my opinion would be yet another impeachable offense. I'm a firm believer that our army should only fight for the benefit of our country and I don't see that a 'stable' iraq inevitably allied with iran would be beneficial to us. Let Iraq sort out it's problems on it's own. The billions we've spent trying to 'free' iraq could have been better spent freeing ourselves for dependence on the oil the ties us to these people.
  2. The Iranians have seen close up what happens to a country when the US or 'the West' invades. I think you could count on much stronger resistance than was offered by the Iraqis. Iranians are extremely proud of their cultural heritage and will not willingly see it ransacked. In the view of the Daily Telegraph, these sailors were taken because Tony Blair expressed regret about the slave trade, which apparently makes Britain appear weak in the eyes of the rest of the world. Oh, and please steer clear in the discussion of anything that looks like advocating nuclear annihilation, even if not meant seriously. Resistance isn't an issue if we don't intend to stay. How can this conversation not be about nuclear annihilation, that's sort of the point?
  3. I have a fool proof way of getting rid of the threat that is iran but we'd have to be hit by a nuke before we'd do it. On a side note, why don't we have giant space lasers?
  4. I say say whatever they want to get the troops back the retract the statement and embargo the hell out of them. We'll go along, we kind of want to go to war with them anyway.
  5. Now THAT figures. Sure beats propaganda radio. Plus I like it when I can be fairly sure the person on the other end doesn't hate me. Here's a challenge for you, tell me what you listen to or what you think I should listen to and I'll tell you why it makes absolutely no sense for me to listen.
  6. I spent half the show making sterility jokes.
  7. Why doesn't she just go to canada, easier to do nothing up there I hear.
  8. I have to imagine that the Martians will wipe themselves out a few times before they stick. Human nature without the luxury of a self sustaining environment...
  9. Drug trafficking would be much easier as there's no restriction on movement within the united states. I can't tell you how many times I've gone from Chicago to Florida or California without seeing cop one, so unless you drove like a moron it'd be simple as pie to transport drugs.
  10. I have enough obligations that I'd rather not wast my time on unentertaining and uninteresting bits of games, those pictures aren't going to scribble themselves.
  11. I can't wait for the shape shifter to get offed. I'm so glad Hiro got his powers back.
  12. Yeah, unless you make a habit of smoking road flares on mountaintops I doubt you'll be spontaneously bursting into flame.
  13. I'm a democrat, merging with Canada is near the top of my list of "things never to do". Now conquering them...
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