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  1. No really, it does! When scrolling the viewport around, grassy outdoor areas flicker noticeably. Windows 8.1, AMD Radeon R9 290X, latest beta driver, and playing full screen at 2560x1440 resolution, in case any of that makes a difference...
  2. Echo this one: in full screen mode, the game doesn't seem to steal the mouse aggressively enough. Suggestion for bludgeon fix: make an area of some 10, 20 pixels around the screen edge "sticky". When cursor moves into this area, treat it as scrolling and call SetCursorPos() to prevent cursor from wandering further (i.e. out of Eternity onto second screen)?
  3. I've only played around for half an hour or so, but so far... The level art is fabulous! I agree with the poster above that the inn is a bit wooden-generic... but the outdoors is inspired. Baldur's Gate yanked into the present day. Exactly what I was dreaming of. Character creation is lovely and deep. And a bit confusing right now, but that's okay Equally, the combat dynamic is a little confusing at first, I think it's the characters finishing their turns at different intervals that does it, but I'm sure I'll get used to it just fine. I'm loving the writing, and those sort of self
  4. damn, I haven't posted for years, what am I doing this for... That's because D&D is built to be a monty-haul (see the various loot tables in the DMG for proof); if you don't it gets unbalanced. This irritated me enough as a DM that I rewrote all the classes so that I didn't have to remember to give them all their individualised Random Objects of +N at appropriate times...
  5. This appears to have made KOTOR2 finally run on my new PC Thank youuuuuuuuu Can this be stickied?
  6. Haven't heard much about NWN 2 and what they are planning since the boards got moved to Bioware. Pocket Familiars? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They appear to have thrown away the gratuitous tanks wizards and sorcerers got in NWN as their familiars and replaced them with familiars more in the spirit of the pen-and-paper game... Remains to be seen how the (already somewhat low) viability of those classes at low levels is affected... Never liked familiars at all myself. In pen-and-paper I tend to ditch them entirely and give wizards and sorcerers other titbits instead...
  7. So they say, but I have yet seen any proof of that so I will remain skeptical. Also I doubt we will get a long campaign. BG 2 is what I consider long. BG 1 and PS:T is what I consider average. Jade Empire and KotOR 1-2 is what I consider short. I am expecting a short game. The NWN campaign was pretty long. At least BG sized. I think. Felt like that anyway. I never finished it... Is it worth it putting down another $50 for a another mediocre DnD game? I think not. Dungeons and Dragons has lost its flavor, its fun factor since BG 2-ToB. Maybe it is because we have alr
  8. But we're going to get a good long exciting single-player campaign in it! Which we didn't get first time round. And the NWN graphics engine is really needing that lick of paint. I always thought NWN looked clunky, much worse in a way than the 2D games that preceded it. The graphics are functional maybe, but they're Polygonisation City and don't bring the world to life in the way the Infinity Engine's did. (Though I'm still impressed at the way when characters swordfight they, well, actually swordfight, at least after a fashion... ) I still haven't found any third party NWN content
  9. OOI, where did you get that from? Right now it's ATI who are behind on API support (read: Shader Model 3), not that I remember exactly what the requirements for the various "levels" of Aero are...
  10. Melee fighters seem to end up being the best characters in combat in pretty much all RPGs...
  11. your stuck with OpenGL 1.4 and not only that it runs on top of aero which affects performance. so: you can't update to OpenGL2.0 and you can't get rid of aero under it... Windows XP OpenGL with Nvidia/Ati is fully native and doesn't run on any emulation layer like in vista. again developers screwed over by Microsoft. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, this is disinformation spread by a reactionary press. To the best of my knowledge: It will be possible to do OpenGL natively in Vista, with no speed penalty, including OpenGL 2.0, so long as it's supported by the GPU manufactu
  12. As the sort of person who wastes too much money on PC hardware and upgrades his PC about once a year I've had both Nvidia and ATI graphics cards in the past and I thoroughly recommend Nvidia, because: Performance wise the two manufacturers' cards of the same generation tend to perform similarly and rumour suggests this is going to continue (the R520 isn't yet out but hearsay of 16 pipelines and a clock speed around 700MHz would put its performance by and large the same as the G70's, maybe a little faster). Image quality wise Nvidia appear to have issues more frequently than ATI because
  13. I think it does. I might go and have a squint at it to confirm.
  14. I enjoyed Doom 3. The gameplay was repetitive and it got a bit predictable but it had a real sense of atmosphere, heightened by the way it gave you hints about where you were going and what you were going to face, and all the extra bits and bobs (the movies, the emails, the what have you) that they included to make it feel as though the Mars Base really existed. They could have done the scariness aspect better, but it had its moments (although none as good as the lights-out corridor in Unreal.) The later weapons were truly awesome too :D Played a couple of levels of the expansion and
  15. Good stuff. I'm impressed. Maybe the headphones thing is under the expectation that people have dodgy little tinny PC speakers
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